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This is a tutorial that guides you step by step on performing common functions in SLumpEd.

Setting up SLumpEd

After installing SLumpEd, you'll have to point it to the IWAD of SRB2. So go into File → Options. See that spot that says "Game IWAD"? Press Browse and go into your SRB2 directory. The filename of the IWAD is srb2.srb. So point it to that. Now, there are some important options that should be unchecked. So make sure all the following are unchecked:

  • Autosave gfx lumps
  • Autosave text lumps
  • Autosave TEXTUREx
  • Force uppercase lump names
  • Detect nonstandard gfx lumps

Good. Now let's do something new.

Exporting lumps

Our first lesson is how to get lumps out of a WAD and save them as regular files on the hard drive. We'll export some MIDI music out of music.dta. So go into File → Open. SLumpEd refuses to ever correctly load a PWAD that does not end in .WAD; therefore, we must create a copy of music.dta with the extension .WAD. Now since music.dta does not appear, type *.* for the filename and press Open. That will display all files in the directory. Find music.dta and copy-paste it in the same directory. Now you get Copy of music.dta. Simply rename it to music.wad and open it. Now let's export the MIDI of the Special Stage music. Looking in List of music, we can see that this is D_MAP50M. Find that. Now right-click on it and choose Export. We're going to save it as D_MAP50M.mid. So type in D_MAP50M.mid; you must give the extension .mid; otherwise, it will just save it as D_MAP50M in your directory. Now, if you don't want SLumpEd to play that music again automatically, simply go into File → Options and uncheck "Autoplay Media".

Just remember, almost all these music files in music.dta are completely copyrighted Sonic Team Jr. or STJr's respective composers. Think before you misuse them.

Creating new lumps

We'll go through the process of actually putting the level header in a custom WAD. So open up that map you just made and choose Lump → New. Type MAINCFG in all capitals. Now select that lump and click in that big text box. Paste the level header's content. Up above that text box is a button that says "Save Changes". Click that. Then choose Wad → Save. You just put your own level header in the map!

Importing files

We'll go through the process of inserting the level select picture of the level into the WAD. First, go into SRB2 and load your map. Then go into console and type the following into it:


Then close console and take a screenshot by pressing F8. Now, to put the HUD back for playing later, type SHOWHUD ON. Now go into MSPaint and find that screenshot. Scale it down to 160 × 100 and overwrite it. We now have the picture necessary. Open up SLumpEd. In your level WAD, go into Lump → New and call it MAPxxP, where xx is the level number.

Select that lump and go into Lump → Import. Select the screenshot of the level. Now the screenshot of the level has been imported as PNG. But we must save it to the palette. Right-click the lump and select Convert To → Doom Gfx. Click "Save Changes" above the graphics box; save the WAD; and you have just imported your very own level select picture!

Exporting lumps into WADs

We'll go through the process of extracting a level from a WAD. For this example, we will extract Jade Coast Zone Act 1 from Mystic Realm. So go into SLumpEd and open scr_mysticrealm.wad. This level is MAPA1. However, the lump is actually placed near the bottom of the lump list, so scroll down until you find it. Select MAPA1, then hold Shift and click the first lump right above the next map lump; this lump is called REJECT. Now it's time to export the lumps.

But there's one little thing. You cannot use the Lump → Export to New Wad tool. It does not work. Instead right-click one of the selected lumps. Click Copy. Now, select File → New and click the tab called UNSAVED. Click Lump → Paste. All the Jade Coast Zone Act 1 lumps have now been placed. Now make a new lump called MAINCFG and put the following:

SPStage_Start = 101

Level 101
Levelname = JADE COAST
Act = 1
MusicSlot = 136
NextLevel = 102
TypeOfLevel = 4099
Weather = 0
SkyNum = 1
NoReload = 1
NoSSMusic = 1
TimeAttack = 1
LevelSelect = 1

This had to be added because Jade Coast Zone Act 1, well, has a level header of its own. Now click Save Changes. Save the WAD as jcz1.WAD. Now load SRB2 with this file. Now, since Mystic Realm uses many other custom graphics and textures, you should get Jade Coast Zone Act 1 with many candy canes.

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