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"Actions" page

Split into Action (explanation, format, features) and List of actions (lists all actions available in SRB2, gateway to individual action articles). This allows for better organization of the information and will especially come in handy when 2.1 comes around and custom actions can be created. It also allows for short (one sentence) descriptions of each action on the list page, to satisfy a request by Prime 2.0. The "Action" page needs to explain the following:

  • What is an action and how is it related to states and objects?
  • The specification of an action in a state (only one action per state unless A_DualAction or "DURATION = 0" are used).
  • SpawnState limitation and workaround
  • Vars (upper and lower bits)
  • The concepts of "actor", "target" and "tracer". Explain that certain actions automatically set a target/tracer (list which ones), but that A_FindTarget and A_FindTracer are available to set them manually.

"Sprite" page

Introduce a better formatting. Also needs to explain:

  • Implementation of custom sprites via freeslots, referencing sprites via states (additional brightness and transparency settings)
  • Changing sprite colors

"Sound" page

Currently only talks about the SOC side of things, but also needs to explain how the actual sound lumps are stored and how they can be used (Linedef type 414, A_PlaySound and Object sound slots).