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This is the page where I dump things I notice about changes between versions, so I don't have to make an even bigger mess out of the current versions articles.

SRB2 Christmas


  • Spindash was added.
  • Shields were added (presumably Basic Shield and Attraction Shield?).
  • Multiplayer was added (apparently).


  • Drowning was added.
  • Extra life monitor was added.

Demo 2

  • Colormaps were added to water.
  • Level End Sign graphic was changed and it no longer spun before finishing the level.
  • Armageddon Shield now exploded when the player was hit.
  • Moving platforms were added.

Demo 3

  • Extra lives were now awarded for every 50,000 points, but only at the start of the next level.
  • Analog control was added.

Demo 4

  • The Armageddon Shield blast was activated with spin instead of double jump.
  • The vine texture was added to GFZ2.
  • Extra lives for 50,000 points were now awarded immediately.
  • The Mario block mechanics weren't yet implemented; instead the items were placed on top of them.

Demo 4.32

  • A rudimentary character select screen was added.
  • Enemies were no longer solid.
  • An in-game multiplayer menu was added, including the option to search for netgames on the Master Server. Before that, netgames had to be started and joined via the command line or the launcher that came with the game. At the time, the map and gametype could be chosen independently from each other in the Host Game menu, so maps could be chosen for gametypes they didn't support. Since level headers didn't yet exist, the Host Game menu only displayed the map numbers, not their names.


  • The "Sonic Team Jr. Presents" screen was redrawn.


  • Changes to GFZ: Spikes were added, some (but not all) water was made translucent.
  • Changes to GFZ1: The two houses were added, the GFZINSID cave texture was added.
  • Changes to GFZ2: The red spring at the beginning was added, the cave with the extra live near the end was sealed off from the cave on the main path, the second token under the bridge was added.
  • Changes to THZ1: The slime was made translucent, the hole that leads to the underground path now had to be spindashed through.
  • The Secrets menu was added. At this time, it displayed "???" instead of "Secrets" in the main menu and there wasn't yet a secrets checklist. The secrets themselves and the method for unlocking were the same as they would be until they were changed in 2.0. Oddly enough, there was already a God Menu, with somewhat different options, but it wasn't unlockable. You can activate it by pasting a 1.09.4 gamedata into your 1.01 folder, even if that will break other things.
  • The behavior for Mario blocks was implemented.
  • The Fire Flower was added.
  • The Statistics screen was added.
  • Objectplace mode was added.
  • In the Host Game, the supported gametypes for a map were now displayed next to its name, e.g. "Greenflower 1 (CR)".
  • Super Sonic transformation sprites.


  • Super Sonic received his floating ability and could now thok. However, he did not yet have the ability to run on water.
  • The secrets menu received a checklist that lists the unlockables and their requirements. The level select was moved from "Bonus Levels" into the main secrets menu.
  • Special Stage tokens now give 50 rings if the player already has all emeralds.
  • The token in GFZ1 was hidden behind a bustable wall (were bustable FOFs first added in this version?).
  • A real NiGHTS HUD was added (previously the timer, Drill Dash meter and link counter were added to the regular HUD).
  • Weapon rings were added to the Chaos stages to make them more suitable for Match.
  • The option to play Match and derived gametypes by point limit rather than time limit was added.


  • The "Host Game" menu was revamped. Previously, you chose the gametype and the level independently. For each level, the gametypes it supported were mentioned in parentheses, e.g. "Greenflower Zone Act 1 (CR)" meant that the level supported Coop and Race. However, regardless of what gametype a map supported, you could load it up in any gametype. For 1.09, the level list was moved to the center of the screen. Instead of always showing all levels, it now only showed the levels that supported the currently chosen gametype.
  • The spring chain at the start of GFZ2 was added.
  • Editing features: Run Script linedef executor, Super Sonic transformation sector type


  • Time Attack requirement was raised to 6.5 minutes (only to be changed back to 6 minutes in v1.09.4).
  • Pushable Objects now respawned when pushed into death pits.
  • Editing features:
    • Knuckles-only bustable blocks
    • Linedef executor triggers for checking emeralds, NiGHTS mares and rings
    • "Rising platform" FOFs
    • NORELOAD option for level headers (so that linedef executors stay activated after reloading the map)
    • Configurable RUNSPEED for custom characters


  • Spindash water-skipping was added.
  • Zim was removed.
  • Super Sonic's spinning/jumping and floating sprites were added.
  • Editing features:
    • Linedex executor triggers for character ability, CTF team
    • Option for custom credits cutscene
  • More options for custom characters:
    • Configurable spindash speed
    • Configurable special ability speed
    • Custom thokitem/spinitem
    • Option to have Super form
    • New character abilities: Glide only, Super Sonic float, double jump
    • Option to disable water-skipping
    • Running on water
    • Option for "no spin when jumping"


  • Console now supported lowercase.
  • Perfect bonus was added.
  • Recycler Monitor was added.
  • Support for level-specific palettes was added.
  • Time-only Race was made the default, the other version of Race was renamed "Classic Race".
  • The concept art that was unlocked for Time Attack/easter egg hunting was removed.
  • Spectators were added to Match and derived gametypes (except CTF, which already had them).
  • The camera was zoomed out in 2D mode, allowing the player to see more of their surroundings.
  • The score tally screen was replaced with a still image from the last frame of the level.
  • Overtime was added to Match/CTF games with a time limit: In Match, if multiple players are tied for first place at the end of a round, the game continues until one of the tied players scores another hit and breaks the tie. In CTF, the game goes into overtime if both teams are tied. The next team to score a point wins.
  • Tag hiding time and Race countdown were made configurable.
  • Team scrambling and autobalancing was added to Team Match and CTF.
  • In Single Player, emblems were now visible to all characters, even though they could still only be collected by one character.
  • The menus were reorganized, specifically the multiplayer and options menus.
  • OpenGL-exclusive features like dynamic lights were removed.


  • blargg's Game Music Emu was added.
  • New intro animation was added.
  • Infinity Ring was re-added.
  • Grenade Ring's behavior was changed.
  • The respawn tables for the WRM and SRM were revamped.
  • Extra lives turn into point monitors in Record Attack.
  • Emblem radar
  • Movie mode
  • Quicksand physics were changed, making it act like in Sonic 3 & Knuckles. Jumping is allowed at any time, not just if the player is sinking, and tapping jump makes the player ascend faster. Also, quicksand no longer pulls players through solid FOFs, and shield orbs have their behavior in it fixed.
  • OpenGL support for many graphical features was added.
  • Vertical viewing angle in Software is now unrestricted.
  • Knuckles skids when gliding into the ground.
  • Demos are now played back on title screen after waiting for a while.
  • 1280x800 windowed mode was added.
  • Tokens now play a distinct sound effect when collected, the number of currently collected tokens is displayed when pressing Tab.
  • Score chaining was changed: After chaining 15 enemies or more, the player is now awarded 10,000 points per enemy. Killing multiple enemies with a spindash no longer counts as a chain, but killing multiple enemies while invincible does. In Mario mode, the scoring is different: For each additional enemy in the chain, the score is doubled. For each enemy beginning with the ninth, an extra life is awarded instead (or 10,000 points in Record Attack).
  • Boss stages now have a guard bonus instead of a time bonus.
  • The Robo-Hood now has a rudimentary firing animation.
  • Climbing a wall in first person switches the view to third person.
  • Super Sneakers produce afterimages
  • In multiplayer, switching characters mid-round is no longer possible by default.
  • Many of v2.0's restrictions on custom characters were lifted.
  • Most of SRB2Morphed's features were added.
  • Custom screen fades via SOC.
  • The menus were reorganized and some were graphically redesigned (GFZ checkerboard graphic is no longer used).
    • 30 save slots, save slots scroll, cleared slots are now marked.
    • Character select screen scrolls.
    • Options menu was reorganized, many options which could previously only be set via the console now have menu entries.
    • Statistics screen shows total play time and combined records in Record Attack.
  • Support for MD2s was extended: Models for multiple characters at the same time, color changing
  • Super forms glow (Knuckles' super form glows pink), Super transformation sprites for Knuckles and Tails were added.
  • New player colors: Teal, Tan, Rosewood, Brown, Neon Green, Zim, Olive. Yellow was allowed in multiplayer again. Black, Grey and Dark Red returned.