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Hello there! If you're reading this page, it's because you were probably linked here from the main website. If so, it's because we launch major versions of SRB2 using torrents, and you need to know how to open one. Don't worry, we'll get you situated.

First, you need a torrent client. We recommend qBittorrent. When you go to the site's download page, you'll be redirected to a website that hosts the torrent installer. Select the one highlighted in the image to the right Setup1.png
Once qBittorrent is downloaded, just install it like you would any other program. Once you're done installing it, you just need to download the .torrent file from the website. If you installed qBittorrent properly, it should automatically open torrent files for you. If it does open the file automatically, you should see a screen like the image to the right. If you can't open the torrent automatically, just open qBittorrent, click "File", then click "Add Torrent File", and navigate to where you downloaded the torrent to and open it in qBittorrent. Setup2.png
You can choose where the file downloads to by clicking the folder icon and choosing a directory. Once the torrent finishes downloading, double click the 2.2 installer tag, highlighted to the right. This will open up the folder you downloaded the 2.2 installer to. Just open that to install SRB2! Note, when you go to close qbittorent, click File and then click Exit. Clicking the red X in the upper right corner will leave qBittorrent running in the background, something you don't want to do. Setup3.png