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The official SRB2 Discord server is a Discord server for members of the SRB2 community. Discord is a text and voice chat client similar to Skype and Ventrilo but aimed specifically at gamers, although it can be used for things outside of gaming. The SRB2 Discord users converse about a wide range of topics, including SRB2, other video games, pop culture and many other things. Apart from casual conversation, it can be used by modders to show off their work and can be used to ask for help on editing SRB2 or to set up netgames.


  1. Immaturity will not be tolerated. Think before you post and use some common sense.
  2. Use understandable English. We know mistakes will happen, but we expect you to make reasonable sense.
  3. Keep discussion to appropriate channels. All spoilers go into #new-release-spoilers.
  4. Explicit sexual content, explicit violent content, and sources of pirated material are not to be discussed here.
  5. No spam, advertising, harassment, flaming, or trolling.
  6. Do not backseat moderate. If something needs moderator action, please bring it to our attention instead of taking it into your own hands.
  7. Per Discord ToS, anyone under the age of 13 is not allowed to use Discord. If we find out you are under 13, you will be banned and reported to Discord immediately. We do not negotiate on this point.

Small infractions result in being temporarily sent to detention on the server. Repeated or severe infractions lead to temporary server bans. Ban evasion leads to permanent server bans.

If you have any questions about these rules, feel free to ask. Finally, the staff reserves the right to take moderation action on any user for any reason.


To group related conversations together, the Discord server is divided into several channels. Please choose the appropriate channel for what you want to say.


  • #rules: Contains the server rules.
  • #announcements: Used by administrators to post important announcements regarding SRB2 or the Discord server.


  • #srb2-discussion: For general SRB2 discussion.
  • #netgames: For netgame setup and planning.
  • #mapping: For discussion related to mapping. You can showcase your own maps here.
  • #spriting: For discussion related to spriting. You can showcase your own sprites here.
  • #scripting: For discussion of SOC and Lua scripting.
  • #hardcoding: Programming discussion for SRB2 and utilities.
  • #git-feed: Updates to SRB2's GitLab repository are automatically linked in this channel.


  • #general-discussion: For general discussion about things not related to SRB2.
  • #show-and-tell: Use this channel to showcase artwork, music and other non-SRB2 media you made.
  • #new-release-spoilers: Use this channel for spoilers.
  • #mafia: Use this channel for playing Mafia.
  • #bots: Use this channel for bot commands.
  • #junkbox: General purpose meme channel.


  • #voice: Text chat for people in the voice chat. Use this channel to post links and other things that require text.
  • General: General voice chat.
  • Netgames: For voice chat during SRB2 netgames.


The SRB2 Discord server has two types of staff: Moderators enforce the rules. They have the authority to send users to detention and kick or ban them if necessary. Administrators have greater control over the channel, being able to change server settings, create new channels and promote users to moderators. The server is owned by Rob.


  • boinciel
  • pv2 (Prime 2.0)
  • Rob
  • SeventhSentinel
  • Wolfy


  • Chase
  • Chromatian
  • D00D64
  • Lach
  • MascaraSnake
  • MrMystery
  • RoyKirbs

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