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"Player Start" redirects here. For other types of player starts, see Thing types > Player starts, or the list at the end of this article.

Thing types 1–32, Player 1–32 Starts, are a group of Thing types which act as the spawn points for players in Single Player, Coop and Race mode. Thing type 1 is the starting point for player 1, Thing type 2 is the starting point for player 2, and so forth. Additionally, the Player 1 Start is used to spawn the player who is "it" in Tag and Hide & Seek.

The Player 1–32 starts are also used as a fallback in case the appropriate starts for a gametype (e.g., Match starts in Match or Tag) cannot be found. The Player 1 Start is not explicitly required; if it is omitted, the player will spawn from any available Match or CTF starts. If no starts exist at all, the player is spawned at the location of the first Thing placed in the map. If no Things exist in the map, the player is spawned at the coordinates (0,0).

If the Ambush flag is checked, the player will spawn from the ceiling. If Ambush is combined with the Flip flag, the player will spawn on the floor but with flipped gravity.

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