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Thing types 780–786, 2D Teleports, are types of Things exclusive to SRB2CB. These are a special set of invisible Objects that are used to align players to a 2D track – they do this by teleporting the player to match their own X, Y and/or Z coordinates in the map, depending on which Thing type is selected.

Thing type number Name Description
780 2D X Teleport Aligns only the player's X axis.
781 2D Y Teleport Aligns only the player's Y axis.
782 2D Z Teleport Aligns only the player's Z axis.
783 2D XY Teleport Aligns the player's X and Y axis.
784 2D XYZ Teleport Aligns the player's X, Y and Z axis.
785 2D ZX Teleport Aligns the player's Z and X axis.
786 2D ZY Teleport Aligns the player's Z and Y axis.

One of the above Thing types should be placed in a sector with linedef type 432 tagged to it – if a player is in this sector when the linedef special is triggered, the player will be aligned with the chosen 2D Teleport type. The player's movement will not be stopped after being teleported.

Checking the Ambush flag on any of the Things will also determine the player's angle using the Thing's own angle when the player is teleported; otherwise, the player's angle is unchanged.

If the Not Climbable flag is checked on the linedef itself, these Things will always trigger no matter whether the player is already in 2D mode or not, otherwise they will only trigger if the player is not already in 2D mode.

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