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Status: Administrator

Hotdog003 is the founder of TNG2W, the local code monkey, and also a guy who wants to give others help with wadding. He is famous for having the most posts on the SRB2 message boards (over 2100 as of now), being one of the administrators of Sepwich, and for being a great help in the community. He has been very helpful in other projects, such as DMSC , the mod his good friend Spazzo is making. He has helped tons of spritists by creating a guide on how to make a character wad, he is the glue holding this community together. He is Spazzo's best online friend (TM)

Gender: Male
Favorite Color: Purple
Favorite Game: Sonic Robo Blast 2
Favorite Food: Pasta
Favorite GeeKeR episode: #11 Independance Dazed