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Uhh, hi. If you want to know something quick about me, then know this: I love making music. Part of the motivation of making music came from a site called Sonic Vegemite. Something about it motivated me to create remixes, my first being a remix of "Sleeping Egg Zone" from "Sonic Chaos." (It's still there at SV). After my first batch of hoaxes I created, Matt Newman's comment of wanting to hear what the music would sound like for a Special Stage Bad Future got me to compose it. This was my first multi-instrumental composition, and I did it at the age of 15. I later left Sonic Vegemite; it was unusually addictive for me. Now I'm a sequencer at VGMusic. I haven't been submitting lately, though.

I started to compose more music with MIDI, but motivation increased when I created a soundtrack for Sonic Vegemite: The Game. Later, I decided I wanted the MIDIs pulled, for I questioned the legality of fangames. My views on fangames later on changed. (Obviously, or else I wouldn't be a member of the SRB2 Wiki!)

Unfortunately my computer refuses to load PrintMusic 2006 anymore, so instead I'm using PrintMusic 2002.

Progress on my second symphony is now finished! Now I need to find some way to register a copyright on it and sell it...

I also have a project that I want to go through and make a techno Christmas album, which means, sorry, I won't link to any of the files. Don't feel like giving a sample. I indeed want to make money off this stuff. Maybe I'll drop my worst remix for this album and put it in one of my zones or something. The nice thing is that my worst remix...will still be good...

Video gaming


I have always liked Sonic games. I played my first one (Sonic Spinball) in 1993 (?) Now I (and my sister and brother) have over twenty Sonic games. SRB2 is my favorite! Personally, I would love it if Sega made a game inspired by SRB2. Or at least a game with multiplayer somewhat similar to SRB2's. SRB2's multiplayer rocks.


Yes, Mario is also awesome. Not as much as Sonic though. We have plenty of Mario games at my house as well.


The Myst series is really sweet. I still haven't beat them all, though. Or have them all.

Super Smash Bros.

I first actually played this game at a video store. Then we rented it. Then we bought it. SSBB looks awesome, and it's #1 on my Wii Want List, now that I have NiGHTS.


Journey of Dreams owns. We have like sixty to seventy video games, and in my mind, Journey of Dreams has the best plot so far. I really like the representation of real-word virtues as powerful Ideya, because in real life, those virtues do have literal power. Also, when's the last time you heard in a video game explicitly show the plain truth that we do have free will? That really just is super cool.

I'm 20 and am utterly captured by the magic of the game. ^_^

I didn't actually feel the sense of flight except in the last boss. On the other hand, NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams really captured the sense of inspiration and fighting evil. So what if you can't skip through the cutscenes? Why would you want to?

I don't have Into Dreams, but I loved the Wii version. It is also the only Wii game that I only use a Gamecube controller for—the Wii controls aren't that great.

And the gameplay is great, too. I have Wii Sports, Super Mario Galaxy, Mario Party 8, Zack and Wiki, and Sonic and the Secret Rings, but NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams is better (albeit with lower lastability) than all of them.

Thank you so much, Digiku! Your Botanic Serenity has inspired me to be a NiGHTS mapper, as well as get NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams, the best game of 2007!

How I got involved in SRB2

I had first heard about SRB2 on SV. One day in June 2007, I decided to get it; and I was (and still am) happy that I did. I introduced myself to Match mode in September.

How I got involved in SRB2 Wiki

I saw that the article WAD File had this tag:

Warning icon.png
This page or article does not conform with the The Style Guide for Editors, or is badly written and in dire need of a rewrite. You can help SRB2 Wiki by fixing this article to meet with the standards set forth in the Style Guide.

and therefore felt the need to fix it. And now I've been having lots of fun helping out the Wiki. It's sort of become a hobby. In just a little over a month, I have made my 1337th edit.

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Same as Blue Warrior's.


Human Specs

Age: 19
Gender: Male
Favorite Food: Spaghetti
Favorite System: PlayStation 3
Best Scrabble Play: Rattlers for 113 points
ACT Score: 30
SRB2 Editing Strength: Single Player Level Design
Most Impressive Map to me: Dandjr Palace Zone by Penopat