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A_SetSolidSteam is an action that is used to make the Gas Jet become solid so it collides with players to boost them upwards – it does this by modifying the actor's flags so that MF_NOCLIP is removed from them and MF_SOLID is added to them. A_SetSolidSteam also plays the Gas Jet's "hiss" sound to signal when the player can be boosted upwards, the sound for which is a random choice between either the actor's PainSound (1/8 chance of occurring) or DeathSound (7/8 chance of occurring). Note that P_SetObjectMomZ is also called by this action, to ensure other Objects can collide with the actor afterwards during the same tic.

The action A_UnsetSolidSteam is used to undo the changes to the actor's flags made by this action, so that the actor becomes intangible again.

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