Monitor bouncing

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Monitor bouncing is the act of a spinning player falling down into a monitor, breaking it, and bouncing back up. Most useful in Match and Capture the Flag (especially Silver Cascade Zone) or Time Attacks, this technique is used to quickly get from one side to the other. If the monitor is underwater, this technique can be used to launch the player upwards. Also, if you are Sonic, or another character that can thok, you should thok right before hitting the monitor, and you will go much farther, due to your increased speed. Characters with glide can start gliding a split-second before monitor bouncing to get a little boost in vertical height. Using the glide on the monitors when standing a few fracunits away can also net you a slightly higher glide that comes in handy at maps like Cloud Palace.

This technique can also be used on enemies, where the term "Crawla Hop" applies.