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Sector type 160, Special Stage Time/Rings Parameters, is a sector type which sets the time limit and ring requirement for Special Stages in the old, non-NiGHTS format. The floor height determines the time limit in seconds and the ceiling height determines the ring requirement. It can be used on any sector in the level, though it is usually more practical to put it in a separate control sector outside the map. This makes it easier to adjust the ring and time requirements during development without changing the level geometry.

This special only has an effect if the map in question is recognized by the game as a Special Stage. This can be set with the SStage_Start parameter in the MainCfg block. However, the special will not have an effect if Special Stages are set to be NiGHTS-style stages. This is determined by the UseNiGHTSSS parameter, also in the MainCfg block.


Example WAD: ex_st00160_specialstagetimeringsparameters.wad
  • This example WAD can be played in Single Player mode. It uses MAP50, replacing Floral Field Zone.

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