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Zone Builder
Author MascaraSnake, toaster
Latest version 2.9
Release date January 5, 2016 (initial)
December 16, 2018 (current)
Operating system Windows
Website SRB2 Message Board thread

Zone Builder is a map editor for SRB2 developed by community members MascaraSnake and toaster. It is based on GZDoom Builder, itself a branch of Doom Builder. It adjusts GZDoom Builder for use with SRB2 and includes several additional features. It is the only map editor for SRB2 that is still actively maintained and also the only one to support many current features of SRB2 from v2.1 and beyond. For a mapping tutorial for Zone Builder, see the Zone Builder tutorial.


On top of GZDoom Builder's regular features, Zone Builder adds the following:

  • Vertical Thing offsets in SRB2's format, which differs from that of other Doom source ports, are recognized and can be edited. They are also displayed correctly in Visual Mode.
  • The Thing properties window include a "Flags value" field that allows users to view and edit the flags value of Things, as well as a "Parameter" field that allows users to view and edit the Parameter value.
  • The labels for many Thing and linedef properties can be renamed for Thing/linedef types where they have a special significance. For example, the official configuration file displays the Ambush flag as "Float" for the ring and several other collectible items.
  • Support for Lua and SOC was added to the script editor.
  • Custom Thing types that are defined in Lua or SOC scripts inside currently loaded WAD or PK3 files are recognized by the editor and added to the list of available Things.
  • In NiGHTS maps, the path is outlined in the 2D view.
  • Insert Things Radially Mode was added, which allows the user to insert a group of Things in a circular arrangement.
  • FOFs are displayed in Visual Mode, with translucency and shadows where applicable. Linedef flags that modify the appearance of FOFs are also recognized.
  • Slopes are displayed in Visual Mode.
  • Special visual effects such as repeating midtextures, translucent textures, texture skewing, flat alignment and rotation, and colormaps are displayed in Visual Mode.
  • SRB2's sky format is recognized and skies are rendered in Visual Mode.
  • Texture alignment for FOFs is displayed correctly in Visual Mode and can be edited like with any other wall.
  • Things that float when given the Ambush flag are displayed as such in Visual Mode.
  • Things with the Flip flag are displayed as flipped in Visual Mode.

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