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This article compiles information given out by the developers of SRB2 about future releases. This includes information about both the next major release, Version 2.2, and long-term plans beyond that. Future development of SRB2 will focus mainly on completing the Single Player campaign and refining existing content, but new features may be developed alongside. Note that all information in this article may be subject to change before the next release.

SRB2 is developed without a fixed release date or deadline for the next version. New releases are made whenever a certain amount of content has been finished. The milestone for the next major release, v2.2, is the completion of the second and third act of Arid Canyon Zone. Any other content that is ready for release by the time Arid Canyon Zone is finished will also be included.

Single Player campaign

In the current version, SRB2's Single Player campaign is incomplete: The second and third acts of Arid Canyon Zone and Red Volcano Zone are missing, as well the entirety of Dark City Zone and Grand Eggship Zone. These levels will be added in future versions, beginning with the second and third act of Arid Canyon Zone in v2.2. Existing levels may be changed as well. In particular, v2.2 will add slopes to many of the Single Player levels.[1]

  • Greenflower Zone: The gameplay and visuals of the first two acts have been overhauled for v2.2. Slopes have been added to the zone and other gameplay changes have been made with the goal of better teaching the game's mechanics to new players while also providing rewards for skilled play.[2] Additionally, a gimmick has been designed for the zone, but it has not been implemented yet.[3] Many of the graphics used in the zone have been updated, including the main wall texture, the grass texture, the Crawla's sprites and the sprites for scenery items such as flowers. A skybox has also been added.[1][2]
  • Techno Hill Zone: Similarly to Greenflower Zone, Techno Hill Zone has received visual and gameplay changes aimed at making the zone more polished. Slopes have been added to the first two acts. The main outdoor wall texture, which is used primarily in act 1, has been updated and the textures first introduced for the second act's remake in v2.1 are now used in the factory sections of act 1 as well. A new path has been added to act 2, among other changes.[2]
  • Deep Sea Zone: A remake of Deep Sea Zone is in progress, one act of which is already finished. The level design is redone from scratch, utilizing an updated and expanded texture set and additional scenery objects, but incorporating aspects of the previous version of the zone as well.[3][4] Parts of the zone will take place in an outdoor, "open sea" environment featuring a new skybox. The mines that appear throughout the zone have been remade.[2] An animated GIF from act 2 has been released that shows a puzzle involving a pushable gargoyle.[5]
  • Castle Eggman Zone: Act 1, which is commonly considered to be one of the weakest levels in the game, is being remade. The remake includes entirely new textures as well as a skybox with Eggman's castle in the background.[4] The sprites for the maces have been remade. Also, the arrows shot by the Robo-Hood have been modified to be easier to notice: They now leave trails and make a sound before being fired. [2]
  • Arid Canyon Zone: Slopes have been added to act 1 and are also included in act 2, which is currently being developed.[2] Parts of it have been compiled from incomplete beta versions made during the development of v2.0 and v2.1, while new sections have also been added. Compared to act 1, act 2 will place a stronger focus on underground areas. As an additional gimmick, it will feature minecarts that the player can ride.[3].
  • Red Volcano Zone: Act 1 will be extended slightly, continuing from the current final room. While a plan existed during the development of v2.0 to replace RVZ2 with a snow-themed act (a teaser of which was included in v2.0 as Blue Mountain Zone Act 2), this plan has since been scrapped and RVZ2 is now intended to be a regular lava-themed level like the first act.[3] To increase variety, two new gimmicks are planned for the zone: No details have been revealed for the first one except that it affects the player's movement and involves lava in a non-hazardous way. The second gimmick involves gliders that the player can hang on to.
  • Dark City Zone: Dark City Zone is still in the planning stage because the completion of Arid Canyon Zone and Red Volcano Zone has a higher priority.[6] It may not be made at all due to a lack of gameplay ideas.[3] Brak Eggman was originally intended as the boss to Dark City Zone, but it was moved to Egg Rock Zone in v2.0, originally as a placeholder for the final boss. The missiles shot by Brak Eggman in the v2.0 boss fight were intended to be used as standalone objects in the first two acts of Dark City Zone[7], but since the boss fight has since been revamped, this plan may no longer apply.[3] Currently, Brak Eggman is used in Egg Rock Core Zone.
  • Grand Eggship Zone: Like Dark City Zone, Grand Eggship Zone has a lower priority than the rest of the Single Player campaign. It is still in the planning stages and may not be made at all. It was originally named Doom Ship Zone, but the name was changed to avoid confusions with Deep Sea Zone. As the name implies, it will take place on Eggman's spaceship.[6]

Special Stages

Changes are planned to several Special Stages. The hallway at the end of Cavern Fortress Zone has been revamped and now features maces instead of vertically moving pillars. Dusty Wasteland Zone will be remade from scratch. Furthermore, layout changes are planned for Toxic Plateau Zone and Flooded Cove Zone.[2]

Extra levels

  • SRB1 Remake: The bosses from the original game have not been replicated in SRB2 yet. Programming these bosses is currently not a priority, but some high-resolution sprites have been made.[8] Space Chase Zone, a shoot 'em up level where the player controls a spaceship, has also yet to be made. It is planned to eventually make the enemies in the SRB1 Remake shoot bullets, as in the original game.
  • OLDC levels: v2.2 will include several levels from the Official Level Design Contest as unlockables, among them Frozen Hillside Zone Act 1 from the May/June 2011 OLDC.[4]
  • Super/Hyper levels: SRB2's design document calls for additional secret levels which are organized like in the original Sonic Robo Blast: three super levels and three hyper levels. These levels are supposed to start with a difficulty similar to that of Egg Rock Zone and get progressively harder. The first two hyper levels, Aerial Garden Zone and Azure Temple Zone are already featured in v2.1. Textures and a basic layout for Sweet Tooth Zone, the first super level, have also been made. The order of these levels is not rigid and may be changed to ensure a proper difficulty curve.[9]


  • Plans exist to add new weapon rings to Match and related gametypes, among them a second long-range weapon to act as a counter for the Rail Ring.[3] These weapon rings were first worked on during the development of v2.1[10], but progress on them was eventually halted as development shifted towards other areas of the game.
  • Super forms in Match will be removed and a different reward for collecting all emeralds will be introduced.[11]
  • v2.2 will feature improved character sprites for Sonic, Super Sonic and Tails, as well as a proper spindash animation.[4][12] Sonic's new sprites have been released as a standalone addon.[13]
  • Various other sprites have been remade or improved for v2.2 as well, including the sprites for rings, springs, spikes and freed animals.[2][12]
  • Horizontal springs will be added in v2.2.[1]
  • v2.2 will include a revamp to the PolyObject setup system, among other things making the Parameters linedef optional for simpler PolyObjects. This change breaks compatibility with maps from v2.0 and v2.1 that use PolyObjects. In addition, work has been done towards fixing some (but not all) of their rendering glitches.
  • The palette has been revamped for v2.2, merging similar colors to make space for entirely new color ranges.[14]


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