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Thing type 502, Star Post, is a type of Thing that serves as a checkpoint in Single Player and Race levels. When a specific Star Post is touched, the player will respawn in that location when they die. The Star Post Activator sector effect can be used to allow players to trigger Star Posts when entering a certain sector rather than touching the Star Post directly. A map can have up to 90 Star Posts in total within it. Star Posts do not spawn in Match, Tag or Capture the Flag.

The order of the Star Posts in a level is determined by their Angle. For each successive Star Post, 360 must be added to that Star Post's Angle. For example, the first Star Post in a level must have an Angle between 0 and 359, the second Star Post must have an Angle between 360 and 719, and so forth. Star Posts that are equal in order (for example if they are on different paths) should be within the same multiple of 360. In gametypes other than Race, touching a Star Post will activate all previous Star Posts that were not touched, e.g., touching one with an Angle of 1080 will activate the Star Posts with Angles 0, 360 and 720 as well. In Race, the Star Posts must be touched in order to complete a lap.

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