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This is a full list of sprite sets available in SRB2. There are 266 sprite sets and 256 freeslots that are not occupied in an unmodified game.

Sprite number Sprite name Description Example frame(s)
0 SPR_NULL Empty sprite, for invisible Objects
1 SPR_UNKN Used for Objects with an unknown sprite, displays a warning graphic UNKNA0.png
2 SPR_THOK Thok trail THOKA0.png
3 SPR_PLAY Player PLAYA1.png
4 SPR_POSS Crawla (Blue) POSSA1.png
5 SPR_SPOS Crawla (Red) SPOSA1.png
6 SPR_FISH Stupid Dumb Unnamed RoboFish FISHA0.png
7 SPR_BUZZ Buzz (Gold) BUZZA1.png
8 SPR_RBUZ Buzz (Red) RBUZA1.png
9 SPR_JETB Jetty-Syn Bomber JETBA1.png
10 SPR_JETW Unused
11 SPR_JETG Jetty-Syn Gunner JETGA1.png
12 SPR_CCOM Crawla Commander CCOMA1.png
13 SPR_DETN Deton DETNA1.png
14 SPR_SKIM Skim SKIMA1.png
15 SPR_TRET Turret TRETA1.png
16 SPR_TURR Pop-up Turret TURRD1.png
17 SPR_SHRP Sharp SHRPA1.png
18 SPR_JJAW Jet Jaw JJAWA3A7.png
19 SPR_SNLR Snailer SNLRA3A7.png
20 SPR_VLTR Bird Aircraft Strike Hazard VLTRA3A7.png
21 SPR_PNTY Pointy, and its spikeballs PNTYA1.png PNTYB1B5.png
22 SPR_ARCH Robo-Hood ARCHA1.png
23 SPR_CBFS CastleBot FaceStabber CBFSA1.png
24 SPR_SPSH Egg Guard SPSHA1.png
25 SPR_ESHI Egg Guard's shield ESHIA1.png
26 SPR_GSNP Green Snapper GSNPA1.png
27 SPR_MNUS Minus MNUSA1.png
28 SPR_SSHL Spring Shells (green and yellow) SSHLA1.png SSHLI1.png
29 SPR_UNID Unidus, and its spikeballs UNIDA1.png UNIDB1B5.png
30 SPR_BBUZ AquaBuzz BBUZA1.png
31 SPR_JETF Boss jet fume JETFA0.png
32 SPR_EGGM Egg Mobile EGGMA1.png
33 SPR_EGGN Egg Slimer EGGNA1.png
34 SPR_TNKA Egg Slimer tank 1 TNKAA1A5.png
35 SPR_TNKB Egg Slimer tank 2 TNKBA1A5.png
36 SPR_SPNK Egg Slimer spigot SPNKA0.png
37 SPR_GOOP Egg Slimer goop GOOPA0.png
38 SPR_EGGO Sea Egg EGGOA1.png
39 SPR_PRPL Sea Egg propeller PRPLA1A5.png
40 SPR_FAKE Sea Egg decoy FAKEA1.png
41 SPR_EGGP Eggscalibur EGGPA1.png
42 SPR_EFIR Eggscalibur jet flame EFIRA0.png
43 SPR_EGGQ Placeholder for Arid Canyon Zone's boss
44 SPR_EGGR Placeholder for Red Volcano Zone's boss
45 SPR_BRAK Brak Eggman and Brak Eggman (Old) BRAKH1.png
46 SPR_BGOO Brak Eggman (Old) goop BGOOC0.png
47 SPR_BMSL Brak Eggman (Old) missile BMSLA3A7.png
48 SPR_EGGT Placeholder for Egg Rock Zone's boss
49 SPR_RCKT Brak Eggman rocket RCKTA3A7.png
50 SPR_ELEC Brak Eggman electric barrier ELECA0.png
51 SPR_TARG Brak Eggman target reticule TARGA0.png
52 SPR_NPLM Brak Eggman napalm bomb (large) NPLMA0.png
53 SPR_MNPL Brak Eggman napalm bomb (small) MNPLA1.png
54 SPR_METL Metal Sonic (Race and Battle) METLA1.png
55 SPR_MSCF Metal Sonic shield MSCFA0.png
56 SPR_MSCB Unused
57 SPR_RING Ring RINGA0.png
58 SPR_TRNG CTF Team Ring (red and blue) TRNGA0.png
59 SPR_EMMY Inner portion of a Special Stage Token TOKEA0-composite.png
60 SPR_TOKE Special Stage Token TOKEA0.png
61 SPR_RFLG CTF Red Flag RFLGA0.png
62 SPR_BFLG CTF Blue Flag BFLGA0.png
63 SPR_NWNG Wing Logo NWNGA0.png
64 SPR_EMBM Emblem EMBMA0.png
65 SPR_CEMG Chaos Emeralds (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7) CEMGA0.png CEMGB0.png CEMGC0.png CEMGD0.png CEMGE0.png CEMGF0.png CEMGG0.png
66 SPR_EMER Emerald Hunt Emerald EMERA0.png
Interactive Objects
67 SPR_FANS Fan FANSA0.png
68 SPR_BUBL Air Bubble Patch BUBLA0.png
69 SPR_SIGN Level End Sign SIGND0.png
70 SPR_STEM Gas Jet STEMD0.png
71 SPR_SPIK Spikeball SPIKA0.png
72 SPR_SFLM Elemental Shield's fire trail SFLMA0.png
73 SPR_USPK Spike USPKA0.png
74 SPR_STPT Star Post STPTA0.png
75 SPR_BMNE Big Floating Mine and its aerial counterpart BMNEA1.png
76 SPR_SRBX Super Ring Monitor (10 Rings) SRBXA0.png
77 SPR_RRBX CTF Team Ring Monitor (Red) RRBXA0.png
78 SPR_BRBX CTF Team Ring Monitor (Blue) BRBXA0.png
79 SPR_SHTV Super Sneakers Monitor SHTVA0.png
80 SPR_PINV Invincibility Monitor PINVA0.png
81 SPR_YLTV Attraction Shield Monitor YLTVA0.png
82 SPR_BLTV Force Shield Monitor BLTVA0.png
83 SPR_BKTV Armageddon Shield Monitor BKTVA0.png
84 SPR_WHTV Whirlwind Shield Monitor WHTVA0.png
85 SPR_GRTV Pity Shield Monitor GRTVA0.png
86 SPR_ELTV Elemental Shield Monitor ELTVA0.png
87 SPR_EGGB Eggman Monitor EGGBA0.png
88 SPR_MIXU Teleporter Monitor MIXUA0.png
89 SPR_RECY Recycler Monitor RECYA0.png
90 SPR_QUES Random Monitor QUESA0.png
91 SPR_GBTV Gravity Boots Monitor GBTVA0.png
92 SPR_PRUP Extra Life Monitor PRUPA0.png
93 SPR_PTTV Score Monitor (1,000 Points and 10,000 Points) PTTVA0.png
94 SPR_MTEX Miscellaneous monitor sprites MTEXA0.png MTEXB0.png
95 SPR_MISL Snailer missile MISLA3A7.png
96 SPR_TORP Sea Egg torpedo TORPA3A7.png
97 SPR_ENRG Metal Sonic energy ball projectile ENRGA0.png
98 SPR_MINE Jetty-Syn Bomber's/Skim's mine MINEA0.png
99 SPR_JBUL Jetty-Syn Gunner's bullet JBULA3A7.png
100 SPR_TRLS Turret laser TRLSA3A7.png
101 SPR_CBLL Cannonball CBLLA0.png
102 SPR_AROW Robo-Hood arrow AROWA3A7.png
103 SPR_CFIR Trapgoyle Fireball CFIRA0.png
104 SPR_FWR1 GFZ Flower FWR1A0.png
105 SPR_FWR2 Sunflower FWR2A0.png
106 SPR_FWR3 Budding Flower FWR3A0.png
107 SPR_FWR4 CEZ Flower FWR4A0.png
108 SPR_BUS1 Berry Bush BUS1A0.png
109 SPR_BUS2 Bush BUS2A0.png
110 SPR_THZP THZ Flower THZPA0.png
111 SPR_ALRM Alarm ALRMA0.png
112 SPR_GARG Gargoyle GARGA1.png
113 SPR_SEWE Seaweed SEWEA0.png
114 SPR_DRIP Dripping Water DRIPD0.png
115 SPR_CRL1 Coral (Green) CRL1A0.png
116 SPR_CRL2 Coral (Red) CRL2A0.png
117 SPR_CRL3 Coral (Orange) CRL3A0.png
118 SPR_BCRY Blue Crystal BCRYA1.png
119 SPR_CHAN Chain CHANA0.png
120 SPR_FLAM Torch FLAMA0.png
121 SPR_ESTA Eggman Statue and Eggman Disco Statue ESTAA1.png ESTAB1.png
122 SPR_SMCH Small chain link (Maces and swinging/spinning Chains) SMCHA0.png
123 SPR_BMCH Large chain link (Maces and swinging/spinning Chains) BMCHA0.png
124 SPR_SMCE Small mace SMCEA0.png
125 SPR_BMCE Large mace BMCEA0.png
126 SPR_BTBL Tumbleweed (Big) BTBLA0.png
127 SPR_STBL Tumbleweed (Small) STBLA0.png
128 SPR_CACT Cacti CACTA0.png CACTB0.png CACTC0.png CACTD0.png
129 SPR_FLME Flame from a flame jet FLMEA0.png
130 SPR_DFLM Flame from a spinning flame jet DFLMC0.png
131 SPR_XMS1 Christmas Pole XMS1A0.png
132 SPR_XMS2 Candy Cane XMS2A0.png
133 SPR_XMS3 Snowman XMS3A0.png
134 SPR_BSZ1 Tall Flowers (BSZ) BSZ1A0.png BSZ1B0.png BSZ1C0.png BSZ1D0.png BSZ1E0.png BSZ1F0.png
135 SPR_BSZ2 Medium Flowers (BSZ) BSZ2A0.png BSZ2B0.png BSZ2C0.png BSZ2D0.png BSZ2E0.png BSZ2F0.png
136 SPR_BSZ3 Short Flowers (BSZ) BSZ3A0.png BSZ3B0.png BSZ3C0.png BSZ3D0.png BSZ3E0.png BSZ3F0.png
137 SPR_BSZ4 Tulips (BSZ) BSZ4A0.png BSZ4B0.png BSZ4C0.png BSZ4D0.png BSZ4E0.png BSZ4F0.png
138 SPR_BSZ5 Clusters (BSZ) BSZ5A0.png BSZ5B0.png BSZ5C0.png BSZ5D0.png BSZ5E0.png BSZ5F0.png
139 SPR_BSZ6 Bushes (BSZ) BSZ6A0.png BSZ6B0.png BSZ6C0.png BSZ6D0.png BSZ6E0.png BSZ6F0.png
140 SPR_BSZ7 Vines (BSZ) BSZ7A0.png BSZ7B0.png BSZ7C0.png BSZ7D0.png BSZ7E0.png BSZ7F0.png
141 SPR_BSZ8 BSZ Shrub, BSZ Clover, BSZ Fish, BSZ Sunflower, Palm tree (unused) BSZ8A0.png BSZ8B0.png BSZ8C0.png BSZ8D0.png BSZ8E0.png BSZ8F0.png
142 SPR_STLG Stalagmites STLGA0.png STLGB0.png STLGC0.png STLGD0.png STLGE0.png
STLGF0.png STLGG0.png STLGH0.png STLGI0.png STLGJ0.png
143 SPR_DBAL Disco Ball DBALA0.png
144 SPR_RCRY ATZ Target RCRYB0.png
Power-up indicators
145 SPR_ARMA Armageddon Shield orb ARMAA0.png
146 SPR_ARMF Armageddon Shield ring, front ARMFA0.png
147 SPR_ARMB Armageddon Shield ring, back ARMBA0.png
148 SPR_WIND Whirlwind Shield orb WINDA0.png
149 SPR_MAGN Attraction Shield orb MAGNA0.png
150 SPR_ELEM Elemental Shield orb and fire ELEMA0.png ELEMM0.png
151 SPR_FORC Force Shield orb FORCA0.png
152 SPR_PITY Pity Shield orb PITYA0.png
153 SPR_IVSP Invincibility sparkle IVSPF0.png
154 SPR_SSPK Super Sonic spark SSPKB0.png
155 SPR_GOAL NiGHTS goal sign GOALA0.png
Freed animals
156 SPR_BIRD Bird freed from enemy/capsule BIRDA1.png
157 SPR_BUNY Bunny freed from enemy/capsule BUNYA1.png
158 SPR_MOUS Mouse freed from enemy/capsule MOUSA1.png
159 SPR_CHIC Chicken freed from enemy/capsule CHICA1.png
160 SPR_COWZ Cow freed from enemy/capsule COWZA1.png
161 SPR_RBRD Red bird in bubble freed from enemy/capsule RBRDA1.png
162 SPR_SPRY Yellow Spring SPRYA0.png
163 SPR_SPRR Red Spring SPRRA0.png
164 SPR_SPRB Blue Spring SPRBA0.png
165 SPR_YSPR Diagonal Yellow Spring YSPRD2.png
166 SPR_RSPR Diagonal Red Spring RSPRD2.png
Environmental effects
167 SPR_RAIN Precipitation RAINA0.png
168 SPR_SNO1 Snowflake SNO1A0.png SNO1B0.png SNO1C0.png
169 SPR_SPLH Water splish SPLHB0.png
170 SPR_SPLA Precipitation water splash SPLAB0.png
171 SPR_SMOK Puff of smoke SMOKA0.png
172 SPR_BUBP Small bubble BUBPA0.png
173 SPR_BUBO Medium bubble BUBOA0.png
174 SPR_BUBN Large bubble BUBNA0.png
175 SPR_BUBM Breathable bubble BUBMA0.png
176 SPR_POPP Breathable bubble popping POPPA0.png
177 SPR_TFOG Chaos mode enemy entrance fog TFOGI0.png
178 SPR_SEED Sonic CD mode seed SEEDA0.png
179 SPR_PRTL Fan particle PRTLA0.png
Game indicators
180 SPR_SCOR Score markers SCORA0.png
181 SPR_DRWN Drowning countdown numbers DRWNA0.png
182 SPR_TTAG Tag "IT!" sign TTAGA0.png
183 SPR_GFLG CTF "GOT FLAG!" sign GFLGB0.png GFLGC0.png
Weapon rings
184 SPR_RRNG Thrown Red Ring RRNGA0.png
185 SPR_RNGB Bounce Ring (pickup and thrown) RNGBA0.png
186 SPR_RNGR Rail Ring (pickup) RNGRA0.png
187 SPR_RNGI Infinity Ring RNGIA0.png
188 SPR_RNGA Automatic Ring (pickup) RNGAA0.png
189 SPR_RNGE Explosion Ring (pickup and thrown) RNGEA0.png
190 SPR_RNGS Scatter Ring (pickup) RNGSA0.png
191 SPR_RNGG Grenade Ring (pickup) RNGGA0.png
192 SPR_PIKB Bounce Ring Panel PIKBA0.png
193 SPR_PIKR Rail Ring Panel PIKRA0.png
194 SPR_PIKA Automatic Ring Panel PIKAA0.png
195 SPR_PIKE Explosion Ring Panel PIKEA0.png
196 SPR_PIKS Scatter Ring Panel PIKSA0.png
197 SPR_PIKG Grenade Ring Panel PIKGA0.png
198 SPR_TAUT Thrown Automatic Ring TAUTA3A7.png
199 SPR_TGRE Thrown Grenade Ring TGREA0.png
200 SPR_TSCR Thrown Scatter Ring TSCRA1A5.png
201 SPR_COIN Coin COINB0.png
202 SPR_CPRK Coin pickup spark CPRKB0.png
203 SPR_GOOM Goomba GOOMB0.png
204 SPR_BGOM Goomba (Blue) BGOMA0.png
205 SPR_FFWR Fire Flower FFWRB0.png
206 SPR_FBLL Fire Flower fireball FBLLA0.png
207 SPR_SHLL Koopa Shell SHLLA0.png
208 SPR_PUMA Puma PUMAA0.png
209 SPR_HAMM King Bowser's hammer HAMMA0.png
210 SPR_KOOP King Bowser KOOPA0.png
211 SPR_BFLM King Bowser's flame BFLMB0.png
212 SPR_MAXE Axe MAXEA0.png
213 SPR_MUS1 Mario Bush (Short) MUS1A0.png
214 SPR_MUS2 Mario Bush (Tall) MUS2A0.png
215 SPR_TOAD Toad TOADA0.png
216 SPR_NDRN Ideya Drone NDRNA1.png
217 SPR_SUPE NiGHTS player flying SUPEA1.png
218 SPR_SUPZ NiGHTS player hurt SUPZA0.png
219 SPR_NDRL NiGHTS player drilling NDRLA1.png
220 SPR_NSPK NiGHTS sparkle NSPKA0.png
221 SPR_NBMP NiGHTS Bumper NBMPD3D7.png
222 SPR_HOOP Hoop segment HOOPA0.png
223 SPR_NSCR NiGHTS score markers NSCRA0.png NSCRK0.png
224 SPR_NPRU NiGHTS power-ups: NPRUA0.png NPRUB0.png NPRUC0.png NPRUD0.png NPRUE0.png
225 SPR_CAPS Ideya Capture CAPSA0.png
226 SPR_SUPT NiGHTS Super Sonic transformation SUPTI0.png
227 SPR_SPRK Pickup spark SPRKA0.png
228 SPR_BOM1 Robot explosion BOM1A0.png
229 SPR_BOM2 Boss explosion 1 BOM2A0.png
230 SPR_BOM3 Boss explosion 2 BOM3A0.png
231 SPR_BOM4 Underwater explosion BOM4D0.png
232 SPR_ROIA Falling rock/bustable block ROIAA0.png
233 SPR_ROIB Falling rock/bustable block ROIBA0.png
234 SPR_ROIC Falling rock/bustable block ROICA0.png
235 SPR_ROID Falling rock/bustable block ROIDA0.png
236 SPR_ROIE Falling rock/bustable block ROIEA0.png
237 SPR_ROIF Falling rock/bustable block ROIFA0.png
238 SPR_ROIG Falling rock/bustable block
239 SPR_ROIH Falling rock/bustable block
240 SPR_ROII Falling rock/bustable block
241 SPR_ROIJ Falling rock
242 SPR_ROIK Falling rock
243 SPR_ROIL Falling rock
244 SPR_ROIM Falling rock
245 SPR_ROIN Falling rock
246 SPR_ROIO Falling rock
247 SPR_ROIP Falling rock
Special Stage
248 SPR_BBAL Blue sphere BBALA0.png
249 SPR_GWLG Green gravity well sprites for Pull Point GWLGA0.png
250 SPR_GWLR Red gravity well sprites for Push Point GWLRA0.png
251 SPR_SRBA SRB1 Crawla SRBAA1.png
252 SPR_SRBB GuardRobo SRBBA1.png
253 SPR_SRBC Pyrin SRBCA1.png
254 SPR_SRBD HotRobo SRBDA0.png
255 SPR_SRBE Pogminz and its water variant SRBEA1.png
256 SPR_SRBF Pog-GX2 SRBFA0.png
257 SPR_SRBG Pyrex SRBGA1.png
258 SPR_SRBH SRB1 Turret SRBHA0.png
260 SPR_SRBJ SpyBot 2000 SRBJA0.png
261 SPR_SRBK Buzz Bomber SRBKA0.png
262 SPR_SRBL RBZ Spike SRBLA0.png
263 SPR_SRBM Dumb Metal Sonic SRBMA0.png
264 SPR_SRBN Super SWAT Bot SRBNA1.png
265 SPR_SRBO Genrex SRBOA1.png
266–521 n/a n/a