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For the sector special, see Fan Sector.

Thing type 540, Fan, is a type of Thing which slowly lifts players into mid-air in their falling frames. When the player is over the area that the fan affects, they start to float, going as high as the fan's maximum height allows. They fall when they leave the area that the fan affects.

Other notes:

  • If the player is currently flying as Tails or another character that can fly, they will remain in their flying animation but are still lifted by the fan.
  • If the player is currently gliding/climbing as Knuckles or another character with the same abilities, they will not be affected at all by the fan.
  • The player will also not be affected by fans if they have just been hurt by an enemy or other hazard, or they are currently in a slide.
  • Pushables can also be lifted up by fans.

The fan's maximum height is determined by its Angle value, measured in fracunits. When its value is 0, it defaults to a preset height of 3/4 of the total height of the sector it is in. The value can be above 360.

When underwater, the fan generates a great amount of bubbles to signify its presence. These bubbles normally spawn in volumes based on the distance of the player, like the Air Bubble Patch. This behavior can be disabled by giving the fan the Ambush flag, which will make the fan always spawn the full amount of bubbles no matter the conditions. Checking the Special flag will also make the fan invisible (it will still spawn bubbles underwater even in this state).

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