Miles "Tails" Prower

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Miles "Tails" Prower

Tails is the slowest of the three playable characters in SRB2, but he possesses the very powerful flying ability, which allows him to clear long jumps, skip some obstacles and reach areas that no other character can reach. He is very easy to control due to his low speed and comfortable handling, making him ideal for the beginning player.

Abilities and techniques

  • Like every default character in SRB2, Tails can spindash by pressing the spin button for a few seconds and then releasing. This spins him into a ball and shoots him forward at high speeds, but limits his ability to move sideways.
  • Tails can fly by double-jumping. Repeatedly pressing the jump button will make him ascend, while pressing the spin button will make him descend. After flying for a certain time, he will become tired and cannot move upwards anymore, causing him to glide slowly to the ground.
    • Tails can fly at very high speeds by charging a spindash, releasing and then flying while holding the forward button. Flying upwards will quickly decrease his horizontal speed back to normal. This technique is very useful in open, straightforward CTF stages to quickly get from one base to the other, but because double-jump abilities are disabled while holding the flag, it only works while not holding the flag.
  • When Tails flies by an ally in multiplayer gametypes, he can pick them up and fly them around. The time that Tails can stay afloat while carrying someone remains the same as when flying empty-handed.

Super transformation

When all 7 Chaos Emeralds and 50 rings are collected in either Match, Team Match or Capture the Flag, Tails can use his pseudo-Super form. Super Tails is much faster, can jump higher, has infinite flight and is invincible to everything except drowning, death pits and getting crushed. He can also perform a very strong Whirlwind jump by pressing the spin button in mid-air. Getting hit by an opponent will cause Super Tails to lose 10 rings, which are not spilled. While Tails is Super Tails, his ring count is depleted by one ring every second. Once they reach zero, Tails turns back to normal, making him vulnerable to everything he once was.

Tails's Super form is only available in Match and CTF. Like Knuckles, Tails has no specialized sprites for his Super form; instead, his color changes to bright orange and he is given permanent invincibility stars.


Speed Slow (32)
Acceleration High (50)
Thrustfactor Low (3)
Accelstart High (192)
Jump speed factor Normal (1.0)
Spindash Yes
Double jump ability Fly/Swim
Super abilities Infinite Fly/Swim; Extreme Whirlwind jump