Knuckles the Echidna

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Knuckles the Echidna

Knuckles can be considered the "moderate" character of the three characters in SRB2. While he is not as fast as Sonic, he is faster than Tails and is also easy to control. His double-jump ability is gliding, which allows him to scale large gaps. Gliding into a wall allows him to climb the wall, which makes him able to reach areas that Sonic cannot. He has a slightly lower jump height than Sonic and Tails, which makes him unable to reach some areas and forces him to take other paths.

Abilities and techniques

  • Like every default character in SRB2, Knuckles can spindash by pressing the spin button for a few seconds and then releasing. This spins him into a ball and shoots him forward at high speeds, but limits his ability to move sideways.
  • Knuckles can glide through the air by double-jumping. While gliding, he will descend very slowly. At first, he will move slower than while running, but he gradually speeds up over time. Gliding allows Knuckles to cross very wide gaps, but at the cost of speed.
    • When gliding onto the floor, Knuckles will slide across the floor and quickly come to a halt. He can still destroy or hurt enemies while sliding.
    • Knuckles can still destroy enemies and monitors when gliding. This will give him a slight vertical boost.
    • Monitor bouncing and gliding directly after landing gives Knuckles a strong vertical boost.
  • When gliding into a wall, Knuckles will cling onto it and can climb up and down on it. This allows him to reach most areas in a level, except for holes in the ceiling that are not connected to a wall. Like gliding, climbing is fairly slow.
  • Knuckles can destroy bustable blocks by simply walking through them instead of spinning or jumping. There are also certain blocks only Knuckles can break.
  • In Match and related gametypes, Knuckles can fire rings 1.5 times as fast as other characters, and even 2 times as fast in the case of the Automatic Ring and Grenade Ring.

Super transformation

When all 7 Chaos Emeralds and 50 rings are collected in either Match, Team Match or Capture the Flag, Knuckles can use his pseudo-Super form. Super Knuckles is much faster, can jump higher, can glide and climb faster and is invincible to everything except drowning, death pits and getting crushed. When releasing a glide, he will drop into a spin, allowing for multiple glides in a single jump. Getting hit by an opponent will cause Super Knuckles to lose 10 rings, which are not spilled. While Knuckles is Super Knuckles, his ring count is depleted by one ring every second. Once they reach zero, Knuckles turns back to normal, making him vulnerable to everything he once was.

Knuckles's Super form is only available in Match and CTF. Like Tails, Knuckles has no specialized sprites for his Super form; instead, his color changes to pink and he is given permanent invincibility stars.


Speed Medium (34)
Acceleration Medium (45)
Thrustfactor Medium (4)
Accelstart Medium (128)
Jump speed factor Low (0.85)
Spindash Yes
Double jump ability Glide/Climb
Special abilities Breaks crumbling rocks on contact
Can shoot rings 1.5× as fast than other characters (2× for the Automatic Ring)
Super abilities Multi-Glide