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Amy Rose
Primary ability Twin Spin
Secondary ability Hammer
This article is about the playable character. For the Frozen Hillside Zone cameo, see Amy Cameo.

Amy Rose is a major recurring character in the Sonic the Hedgehog series and Sonic's self-proclaimed girlfriend, though Sonic does not return this affection. She was captured by Metal Sonic on Little Planet in Sonic CD and has since become one of Sonic's closest allies and friends. In SRB2, she guides the player through the Tutorial Zone and can be unlocked as a playable character by completing Frozen Hillside Zone.

As a playable character, Amy's primary method of attack is her Piko Piko Hammer, which has a variety of uses outside of attacking enemies. She also has the highest jump out of all the playable characters, allowing her to reach areas others can't with a regular jump. Her lack of a Spindash means she cannot roll under small gaps and will often need to find other paths to take, making her well suited for advanced players.

Abilities and techniques

Amy using Twin Spin.

Amy's double jump ability is Twin Spin, in which she swings her Piko Piko Hammer with a flip. It can be performed by pressing Jump twice or by pressing Spin in the air. She does not have a Spindash and thus cannot roll under small gaps. Instead, pressing Spin will make her swing her hammer in front of her, which spreads five heart-shaped particles upon hitting a floor.

In addition to attacking enemies, Amy's hammer can also be used to break spikes and breakable walls and floors. Amy can also hit a vertical spring with hammer to gain some extra height or a horizontal spring for some extra distance. In Multiplayer gametypes, the heart particles her hammer emits can give other players and teammates a pink Pity Shield, though Amy can't give one to herself. She can also use her hammer to attack other players in Match gametypes.

Amy defeating a Unidus with her hammer.


Technical information

Speed Fast (36)
Acceleration Low (40)
Thrustfactor High (5)
Accelstart Low (96)
Jump speed factor High (1.135)
Primary ability Twin Spin
Secondary ability Hammer

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