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Thing type 1807, Axe, is a type of Thing used in Mario mode. In previous versions of SRB2, it was used at the end of Mario Koopa Blast Zone Act 3 to lower the bridge that King Bowser stands on. It can also be used in custom levels, where it will cause a FOF to be lowered to a specific height after it is touched, and then destroy itself.


Set up a normal FOF and give the control sector a tag of 649. The tag of the FOF control linedef can be chosen freely. Next, create another sector adjacent to the first control sector so that they share one linedef. The floor and ceiling height of the second sector determine the height that the FOF will sink to. You cannot use the Axe to raise the FOF. Now place the Axe on the map.


Example WAD: ex_t1806_bowser_axe.wad

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