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A screenshot of Pipe Towers Zone, an example of a Mario level.

Mario mode is a supplementary level type for SRB2 which emulates the gameplay of the Super Mario Bros. series. In SRB2, it is used for the Mario Koopa Blast unlockable. The only things this level type does are modifying score chain behavior, exchanging some sound effects, and disabling drowning. Apart from these, proper emulation of Mario games depends on the mapping resources used for the level.

Mario mode is enabled for a map by adding the keyword Mario to the TypeOfLevel parameter of its level header. It is typically used together with Single Player and often with 2D mode, because these most closely resemble the style of the original Mario games. It can be theoretically used with any gametype, but shot rings do not transform into coins, which makes it undesirable for most competitive gametypes.

Score chains

Score chains in Mario mode work largely the same as normal, except with different scores for every enemy destroyed and an extra life for the 9th enemy onwards. In Record Attack, the extra life bonuses are replaced with 10,000 point bonuses.

Number of enemies Point value per enemy
1 100
2 200
3 400
4 800
5 1,000
6 2,000
7 4,000
8 8,000
9 and above Extra life
10,000 (Record Attack)

Exchanged and added sounds

Sound name Sound(s) replaced Description
sfx_mario1 sfx_tink Hitting a ceiling
sfx_mario2 sfx_lose Hitting a Koopa Shell
sfx_mario3 sfx_shield Collecting a power-up
sfx_mario4 sfx_itemup Collecting a Coin
sfx_mario5 sfx_pop Killing a Goomba
sfx_mario6 sfx_jump Jumping
sfx_mario7 sfx_thok Thokking/Shooting
sfx_mario8 sfx_altow1
Getting hurt
sfx_mario9 sfx_cgot Opening a power-up
sfx_marioa O_XTLIFE Extra Life
O_MINVNC O_INVINC Invincibility music




Main article: Thing types#Mario

Several Thing types are meant for use with Mario mode, although most of them can be used without the level type. All of these are taken from the original Super Mario games.

  • Coin: The coin is used instead of the ring for Mario levels. The only difference is in the graphics. Coins are not spilled by players unless Mario mode is enabled for the map.
  • Goomba and Goomba (Blue): The standard enemies of the Super Mario games.
  • Koopa Shell: When pushed, this Thing will bounce around and harm any enemies that touch it while moving.
  • Puma: A hazardous fireball that bounces up and down and deals elemental damage upon being touched.
  • Fire Flower: A power-up item that allows the player to shoot fireballs with the Fire button, and protects the player from one hit.
  • Bowser and Axe: These are used for Mario boss stages. Specific hard-coded tags are used to make them work in a level.
  • Toad: A scenery item that was originally used to display a message at the end of Mario Koopa Blast Zone Act 3 in Version 2.0 and previous versions.
  • Mario Bush (Short) and Mario Bush (Tall): Scenery items.

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