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This is a full list of sound effects that are available in SRB2. There are 409 sounds and 800 freeslots that are not occupied in an unmodified game. Each sound can be played by typing SOUNDTEST <soundnumber> in the console, or by using the secrets menu's Sound Test feature (unlocked by beating the game).

Sounds in SRB2 are stored in srb2.srb. Their lump names are in uppercase and contain a "DS" in place of the "sfx_" prefix. For example, sfx_alarm is stored in the lump DSALARM. Slots 409 to 1208 are freeslots that allow modifications to have new sounds without overwriting the existing ones.

Sound number Sound name Description
0 sfx_None (none)
Skin sounds
1 sfx_altdi1 Placeholder slot for custom character death sound
2 sfx_altdi2 Placeholder slot for custom character death sound
3 sfx_altdi3 Placeholder slot for custom character death sound
4 sfx_altdi4 Placeholder slot for custom character death sound
5 sfx_altow1 Placeholder slot for custom character hurt sound
6 sfx_altow2 Placeholder slot for custom character hurt sound
7 sfx_altow3 Placeholder slot for custom character hurt sound
8 sfx_altow4 Placeholder slot for custom character hurt sound
9 sfx_victr1 Placeholder slot for custom character victory sound
10 sfx_victr2 Placeholder slot for custom character victory sound
11 sfx_victr3 Placeholder slot for custom character victory sound
12 sfx_victr4 Placeholder slot for custom character victory sound
13 sfx_gasp Player grabbing an air bubble
14 sfx_jump Player jumping
15 sfx_pudpud Tails exhausted from flying
16 sfx_putput Tails flying
17 sfx_spin Player spinning
18 sfx_spndsh Spindash charge
19 sfx_thok Sonic thokking/Weapon Ring being fired
20 sfx_zoom Spindash release
21 sfx_skid Player skidding
Ambience/background Objects
22 sfx_ambint Disco Ambience
23 sfx_alarm Alarm
24 sfx_buzz1 Mechanical buzzing
25 sfx_buzz2 Mechanical buzzing
26 sfx_buzz3 Mechanical alarm sound
27 sfx_buzz4 Mechanical beep
28 sfx_crumbl Crumbling FOF
29 sfx_fire Flamethrower sound
30 sfx_grind Mechanical grinding
31 sfx_laser Laser
32 sfx_mswing Mace (Spinning)
33 sfx_pstart Placeholder crusher slot
34 sfx_pstop Crusher
35 sfx_steam1 Gas Jet
36 sfx_steam2 Gas Jet
37 sfx_wbreak Wood breaking
38 sfx_rainin Rain
39 sfx_litng1 Lightning
40 sfx_litng2 Lightning
41 sfx_litng3 Lightning
42 sfx_litng4 Lightning
43 sfx_athun1 Thunder
44 sfx_athun2 Thunder
45 sfx_amwtr1 Water Ambience A (Large)
46 sfx_amwtr2 Water Ambience B (Large)
47 sfx_amwtr3 Water Ambience C (Medium)
48 sfx_amwtr4 Water Ambience D (Medium)
49 sfx_amwtr5 Water Ambience E (Small)
50 sfx_amwtr6 Water Ambience F (Small)
51 sfx_amwtr7 Water Ambience G (Extra Large)
52 sfx_amwtr8 Water Ambience H (Extra Large)
53 sfx_bubbl1 Bubbling - getting in/out of water
54 sfx_bubbl2 Bubbling - getting in/out of water
55 sfx_bubbl3 Bubbling - getting in/out of water
56 sfx_bubbl4 Bubbling - getting in/out of water
57 sfx_bubbl5 Bubbling - getting in/out of water
58 sfx_floush Shallow water
59 sfx_splash Water bubble sound
60 sfx_splish Falling into water
61 sfx_wdrip1 Water dripping
62 sfx_wdrip2 Water dripping
63 sfx_wdrip3 Water dripping
64 sfx_wdrip4 Water dripping
65 sfx_wdrip5 Water dripping
66 sfx_wdrip6 Water dripping
67 sfx_wdrip7 Water dripping
68 sfx_wdrip8 Water dripping
69 sfx_wslap Water skipping
70 sfx_doora1 Door opening - mechanical
71 sfx_doorb1 Door opening - mechanical
72 sfx_doorc1 Door opening - wooden
73 sfx_doorc2 Door slamming shut - wooden
74 sfx_doord1 Gate opening
75 sfx_doord2 Gate slamming shut
76 sfx_eleva1 Elevator starting
77 sfx_eleva2 Elevator running
78 sfx_eleva3 Elevator stopping
79 sfx_elevb1 Elevator starting
80 sfx_elevb2 Elevator running
81 sfx_elevb3 Elevator stopping
82 sfx_ambin2 Low-pitched rumbling
83 sfx_lavbub Bubbling lava
84 sfx_rocks1 Falling rocks
85 sfx_rocks2 Falling rocks
86 sfx_rocks3 Falling rocks
87 sfx_rocks4 Falling rocks
88 sfx_rumbam Rumbling noise
89 sfx_rumble Sonic 2/RVZ earthquake rumbling
Game Objects
90 sfx_appear Platform appearing (ERZ)
91 sfx_bkpoof Explosion
92 sfx_bnce1 Bounce - sharp/Bounce Ring being fired
93 sfx_bnce2 Bounce - bass/Scatter Ring being fired
94 sfx_cannon Cannonball being fired/Explosion Ring being fired
95 sfx_cgot Collecting a Chaos Emerald
96 sfx_cybdth Boss being destroyed/Cannonball crashing sound
97 sfx_deton Deton chasing after player
98 sfx_ding ATZ Target "Ding" sound (old platforming appearing sound)
99 sfx_dmpain Boss/Crawla Commander getting hurt
100 sfx_drown Drowning
101 sfx_fizzle Turret being destroyed
102 sfx_gbeep Big Floating Mine approaching the player
103 sfx_gclose Unoccupied slot (defaults to thok sound)
104 sfx_ghit THZ goo water
105 sfx_gloop Plunging into water
106 sfx_gspray Egg Slimer throwing goop
107 sfx_gravch Recycler
108 sfx_itemup Collecting a ring
109 sfx_jet Bird Aircraft Strike Hazard flying
110 sfx_jshard Unused sound from XSRB2 (collecting a jewel shard)
111 sfx_lose Time up (Special Stage)/Wrong Star Post (Race)
112 sfx_lvpass Level End Sign spinning
113 sfx_mindig Minus tunneling underground
114 sfx_mixup Teleport
115 sfx_pogo Egg Slimer jumping
116 sfx_pop Enemy or monitor being destroyed
117 sfx_rail1 Rail Ring being fired
118 sfx_rail2 Rail Ring crashing sound
119 sfx_rlaunc Egg Mobile/Snailer firing missile
120 sfx_shield Shield spawning around the player
121 sfx_shldls Losing a shield
122 sfx_spdpad Speed pad
123 sfx_spkdth Spike hitting a player
124 sfx_spring Spring being hit
125 sfx_statu1 Gargoyle being pushed (unused)
126 sfx_statu2 Gargoyle being pushed
127 sfx_strpst Star Post being activated
128 sfx_supert Super transformation
129 sfx_telept Egg Mobile dashing
130 sfx_tink Koopa Shell hitting a wall
131 sfx_token Special Stage Token being collected
132 sfx_trfire Turret/Pop-up Turret firing shot
133 sfx_trpowr Turret loading
134 sfx_turhit Turret laser hitting a target
135 sfx_wdjump Whirlwind Shield jump
136 sfx_mswarp Metal Sonic spinning out
137 sfx_mspogo Metal Sonic bouncing off the walls
138 sfx_chchng Score tally cashier noise
139 sfx_dwnind Air countdown
140 sfx_emfind Emerald Hunt/Emblem radar
141 sfx_flgcap Flag captured/S3&K continue collected
142 sfx_menu1 Menu sound
143 sfx_oneup Placeholder for extra life collection sound (see Use1UpSound)
144 sfx_ptally Score tally point counter
145 sfx_radio Netgame chat sound
146 sfx_wepchg Weapon changing in Match
147 sfx_wtrdng Underwater sound
148 sfx_zelda Legend of Zelda chimes
149 sfx_ideya Finishing a stage
150 sfx_xideya Finishing a stage (Christmas)
151 sfx_nbmper NiGHTS Bumper
152 sfx_nxbump NiGHTS Bumper (Christmas)
153 sfx_ncitem Collecting a Wing Logo
154 sfx_nxitem Collecting a Wing Logo (Christmas)
155 sfx_ngdone Bonus time start
156 sfx_nxdone Bonus time start (Christmas)
157 sfx_drill1 Starting a drill
158 sfx_drill2 Drilling
159 sfx_ncspec Collecting a power-up
160 sfx_nghurt Super Sonic being hurt
161 sfx_ngskid Immediate stop
162 sfx_hoop1 Flying through a hoop (normal)
163 sfx_hoop2 Flying through a hoop (link number is between 6 and 10)
164 sfx_hoop3 Flying through a hoop (link number is 11 or above)
165 sfx_hidden Uncovering a power-up
166 sfx_prloop Paraloop
167 sfx_timeup Ten seconds left on the timer (unused)
168 sfx_koopfr King Bowser breathing fire
169 sfx_mario1 Hitting a ceiling
170 sfx_mario2 Hitting a Koopa Shell
171 sfx_mario3 Collecting a power-up
172 sfx_mario4 Collecting a coin
173 sfx_mario5 Killing a Goomba
174 sfx_mario6 Jumping
175 sfx_mario7 Thokking/Shooting
176 sfx_mario8 Getting hurt
177 sfx_mario9 Opening a power-up
178 sfx_marioa Extra life
179 sfx_thwomp Thwomp block hitting the floor
Brak Eggman
180 sfx_bebomb Brak Eggman bomb explosion (unused)
181 sfx_bechrg Brak Eggman charging up his gun for a laser blast (unused)
182 sfx_becrsh Unused Brak Eggman sound
183 sfx_bedeen Brak Eggman hit
184 sfx_bedie1 Brak Eggman dying (unused)
185 sfx_bedie2 Brak Eggman dying
186 sfx_beeyow Brak Eggman firing (unused)
187 sfx_befall Brak Eggman landing
188 sfx_befire Brak Eggman firing goop
189 sfx_beflap Brak Eggman jumping
190 sfx_begoop Brak Eggman cannonball fire
191 sfx_begrnd Brak Eggman hitting antenna
192 sfx_behurt Brak Eggman getting hurt
193 sfx_bejet1 Brak Eggman charging up jetpack (unused)
194 sfx_belnch Brak Eggman jumping
195 sfx_beoutb Brak Eggman firing when out of bullets (unused)
196 sfx_beragh Brak Eggman screaming
197 sfx_beshot Brak Eggman shooting missiles
198 sfx_bestep Brak Eggman walking
199 sfx_bestp2 Brak Eggman walking
200 sfx_bewar1 Brak Eggman laughing
201 sfx_bewar2 Brak Eggman laughing
202 sfx_bewar3 Brak Eggman laughing
203 sfx_bewar4 Brak Eggman laughing
204 sfx_bexpld Brak Eggman missile exploding
205 sfx_bgxpld Brak Eggman exploding
206 sfx_beelec Brak Eggman's electric barrier
207 sfx_brakrl Brak Eggman launching a rocket
208 sfx_brakrx Brak Eggman's rocket exploding
Sounds from Sonic 3 & Knuckles
209 sfx_s3k33 S3&K: Collecting a ring - stereo (Note: both sounds are identical in SRB2)
210 sfx_s3k34 S3&K: Collecting a ring - mono (Note: both sounds are identical in SRB2)
211 sfx_s3k35 S3&K: Death, losing a shield
212 sfx_s3k36 S3&K: Skidding
213 sfx_s3k37 S3&K: Spike death, spike hitting a player with shield
214 sfx_s3k38 S3&K: Touching an air bubble
215 sfx_s3k39 S3&K: Falling in water
216 sfx_s3k3a S3&K: Shield sound (Unused?)
217 sfx_s3k3b S3&K: Drowning
218 sfx_s3k3c S3&K: Spinning
219 sfx_s3k3d S3&K: Popping a badnik or monitor
220 sfx_s3k3e S3&K: Fire shield
221 sfx_s3k3f S3&K: Water shield
222 sfx_s3k40 S3&K: (unused?)
223 sfx_s3k41 S3&K: Lightning shield
224 sfx_s3k42 S3&K: Insta-shield
225 sfx_s3k43 S3&K: Fire shield's fireball attack/Launch Base flamethrower
226 sfx_s3k44 S3&K: Water shield's bounce attack/Sign post bouncing off hidden monitor
227 sfx_s3k45 S3&K: Lightning shield's double-jump
228 sfx_s3k46 S3&K: Turning super in Doomsday Zone
229 sfx_s3k47
230 sfx_s3k48 S3&K: Rinobot skidding/Flamethrower/Lava Reef lava
231 sfx_s3k49 S3&K: Big Rock falling down (used in a Knuckles cutscene)
232 sfx_s3k4a S3&K: Grabbing onto Tails or a bar; Knuckles latching onto wall
SRB2: Grabbing onto Tails or a rope pulley; Knuckles latching onto wall
233 sfx_s3k4b S3&K: Rock platform coming out of waterfall in Angel Island Zone
234 sfx_s3k4c S3&K: Knuckles landing after gliding/Angel Island Zone flipping bridge
235 sfx_s3k4d S3&K: Enemy firing a projectile
SRB2: Jetty-Syn Gunner firing bullet
236 sfx_s3k4e S3&K: Explosion sound/Depth charges exploding in Hydrocity Zone Act 2's boss
SRB2: Brak Eggman napalm bomb exploding
237 sfx_s3k4f
238 sfx_s3k50 S3&K: Siren
239 sfx_s3k51 S3&K: Projectile falling
SRB2: Jetty-Syn Bomber or Skim dropping bomb
240 sfx_s3k52
241 sfx_s3k53 S3&K: Charging sound
SRB2: ERZ2 sound effect, Brak Eggman (Old) preparing to destroy platform
242 sfx_s3k54 S3&K: Firing sound
SRB2: ERZ2 sound effect, Brak Eggman (Old) destroying platform, Metal Sonic firing energy balls
243 sfx_s3k55 S3&K: Timer, used for Sandopolis objects
SRB2: Rope pulley sound
244 sfx_s3k56
245 sfx_s3k57 S3&K: Water sound
246 sfx_s3k58 S3&K: Door closing sound
247 sfx_s3k59 S3&K: Collapsing platform
248 sfx_s3k5a
249 sfx_s3k5b S3&K: Menu/Results screen beep/Button press
250 sfx_s3k5c S3&K: Metal Sonic flashing
SRB2: Brak Eggman's electric barrier spark sound
251 sfx_s3k5d SRB2: Brak Eggman napalm bomb bouncing off floor, thrown Grenade Ring bouncing off floor
252 sfx_s3k5e S3&K: Launch Base Zone's Corkey enemy firing laser
253 sfx_s3k5f S3&K: Crusher smashing
254 sfx_s3k60 S3&K: Marble Garden Zone Boss moving into the background
255 sfx_s3k61 S3&K: Flying Battery Zone boss swinging
256 sfx_s3k62 S3&K: Jump sound
257 sfx_s3k63 S3&K: Checkpoint
258 sfx_s3k64 S3&K: Spike pop-up sound
SRB2: Pop-up Turret/Spike pop-up sound, Tumbleweed rolling around
259 sfx_s3k65 S3&K: Blue Sphere collected
SRB2: Blue Sphere collected
260 sfx_s3k66 S3&K: Blue Sphere clear
261 sfx_s3k67 S3&K: Moving one of the rock switches in Sandopolis
262 sfx_s3k68 S3&K: Player can now be super
263 sfx_s3k69 S3&K: Moving one of the rock switches in Sandopolis
264 sfx_s3k6a S3&K: Special Stage finish
265 sfx_s3k6b
266 sfx_s3k6c S3&K: Entering water
267 sfx_s3k6d
268 sfx_s3k6e S3&K: Boss hit
SRB2: Metal Sonic being destroyed
269 sfx_s3k6f S3&K: Rumble
270 sfx_s3k70 S3&K: Fire projectile
SRB2: Brak Eggman small napalm bomb exploding
271 sfx_s3k71 S3&K: Shield sound (Unused?)
272 sfx_s3k72 S3&K: Carnival Night anti-gravity pads/Launch Base elevator
273 sfx_s3k73 S3&K: Carnival Night vertical one-way tunnel sound/Teleporter
274 sfx_s3k74 S3&K: Carnival Night horizontal one-way tunnel sound/Death Egg speed tubes
275 sfx_s3k75 S3&K: Carnival Night balloon platforms
276 sfx_s3k76
277 sfx_s3k77 S3&K: Balloon pop
278 sfx_s3k78
279 sfx_s3k79 SRB2: Brak Eggman's electric barrier respawning sound
280 sfx_s3k7a
281 sfx_s3k7b S3&K: Carnival Night bumpers
SRB2: Player bouncing off Egg Guard's shield or Sea Egg decoy
282 sfx_s3k7c
283 sfx_s3k7d
284 sfx_s3k7e SRB2: Knuckles skidding after landing from a glide
285 sfx_s3k7f
286 sfx_s3k80 S3&K: Ice spike ball breaking
287 sfx_s3k81 S3&K: Cannon launching
SRB2: Brak Eggman firing napalm bomb
288 sfx_s3k82 SRB2: Minus popping up
289 sfx_s3k83 S3&K: Angel Island Zone 2 end bridge collapse
290 sfx_s3k84
291 sfx_s3k85
292 sfx_s3k86 S3&K: Launch Base Zone's alarm sound
293 sfx_s3k87 S3&K: Bouncing on a mushroom/Death Ball dropping crawling bombs
294 sfx_s3k88 S3&K: Mushroom Hill Zone's hand-operated elevator sound
295 sfx_s3k89 S3&K: Mushroom Hill Zone's boss satellite dish sound
296 sfx_s3k8a S3&K: Sandopolis ghost disappearing
297 sfx_s3k8b S3&K: Mushroom Hill enemy throwing mushroom
298 sfx_s3k8c
299 sfx_s3k8d
300 sfx_s3k8e
301 sfx_s3k8f S3&K: Door opening
302 sfx_s3k90 S3&K: Sandopolis Zone 2 door closing
303 sfx_s3k91 S3&K: Sandopolis Zone 2 door closed
304 sfx_s3k92 S3&K: Sandopolis ghost spawning
305 sfx_s3k93 S3&K: Sandopolis Zone boss sound
306 sfx_s3k94 S3&K: Marble Garden's Bubbles enemy protracting its spikes
307 sfx_s3k95
308 sfx_s3k96
309 sfx_s3k97 S3&K: Mushroom Hill Zone's Cluckoid enemy releasing a gust of wind
310 sfx_s3k98
311 sfx_s3k99 SRB2: Brak Eggman small napalm bomb bouncing off wall
312 sfx_s3k9a
313 sfx_s3k9b
314 sfx_s3k9c S3&K: Super Emerald collected
315 sfx_s3k9d S3&K: Eggman aiming
SRB2: Brak Eggman targeting sound
316 sfx_s3k9e
317 sfx_s3k9f S3&K: Super transformation
318 sfx_s3ka0
319 sfx_s3ka1
320 sfx_s3ka2 S3&K: Hydrocity's Turbo Spiker enemy firing its shell/Flying Battery launcher
321 sfx_s3ka3
322 sfx_s3ka4
323 sfx_s3ka5
324 sfx_s3ka6
325 sfx_s3ka7
326 sfx_s3ka8 S3&K: Launch Base's laser
327 sfx_s3ka9 S3&K: Underwater counter
328 sfx_s3kaa S3&K: Bumper
329 sfx_s3kab S3&K: Spindash
330 sfx_s3kac S3&K: Continue got
331 sfx_s3kad
332 sfx_s3kae S3&K: Pinball flipper
333 sfx_s3kaf S3&K: Warp to bonus/special stage
334 sfx_s3kb0 S3&K: Score done
335 sfx_s3kb1 S3&K: Spring
336 sfx_s3kb2 S3&K: Error
337 sfx_s3kb3 S3&K: Big Ring warp
338 sfx_s3kb4 SRB2: Brak Eggman sniper attack explosion
339 sfx_s3kb5
340 sfx_s3kb6 S3&K: Spindash release
341 sfx_s3kb7 S3&K: Slot Machine
342 sfx_s3kb8 S3&K: Super Emerald sound
343 sfx_s3kb9 S3&K: Rings lost
344 sfx_s3kba S3&K: Tails flying
345 sfx_s3kbb S3&K: Tails tired
346 sfx_s3kbcs (Short)
347 sfx_s3kbcl (Long)
348 sfx_s3kbds S3&K: Flying Battery flying over Angel Island/Mushroom Hill (Short)
349 sfx_s3kbdl S3&K: Flying Battery flying over Angel Island/Mushroom Hill (Long)
350 sfx_s3kbes S3&K: Eggman flying away (Short)
351 sfx_s3kbel S3&K: Eggman flying away (Long)
352 sfx_s3kbfs S3&K: Water spinning (from Hydrocity miniboss) (Short)
353 sfx_s3kbfl S3&K: Water spinning (from Hydrocity miniboss) (Long)
354 sfx_s3kc0s S3&K: Hydrocity big fan (Short)
355 sfx_s3kc0l S3&K: Hydrocity big fan (Long)
356 sfx_s3kc1s S3&K: Hydrocity small fan (Short)
357 sfx_s3kc1l S3&K: Hydrocity small fan (Long)
358 sfx_s3kc2s S3&K: (Short)
SRB2: Brak Eggman flamethrower
359 sfx_s3kc2l (Long)
360 sfx_s3kc3s (Short)
361 sfx_s3kc3l (Long)
362 sfx_s3kc4s (Short)
363 sfx_s3kc4l (Long)
364 sfx_s3kc5s (Short)
365 sfx_s3kc5l (Long)
366 sfx_s3kc6s S3&K: Swinging around cyndrical grates in Carnival Night/Orbiting around magnetic ball in Glowing Spheres bonus stage (Short)
367 sfx_s3kc6l S3&K: Swinging around cyndrical grates in Carnival Night/Orbiting around magnetic ball in Glowing Spheres bonus stage (Long)
368 sfx_s3kc7 S3&K: Carnival Night cannon aiming
369 sfx_s3kc8s (Short)
370 sfx_s3kc8l (Long)
371 sfx_s3kc9s S3&K: Marble Garden swinging spikeball (Short)
372 sfx_s3kc9l S3&K: Marble Garden swinging spikeball (Long)
373 sfx_s3kcas (Short)
374 sfx_s3kcal (Long)
375 sfx_s3kcbs (Short)
376 sfx_s3kcbl (Long)
377 sfx_s3kccs (Short)
378 sfx_s3kccl (Long)
379 sfx_s3kcds (Short)
380 sfx_s3kcdl (Long)
381 sfx_s3kces (Short)
382 sfx_s3kcel (Long)
383 sfx_s3kcfs (Short)
384 sfx_s3kcfl (Long)
385 sfx_s3kd0s S3&K: Launch Base's boss rising (Short)
386 sfx_s3kd0l S3&K: Launch Base's boss rising (Long)
387 sfx_s3kd1s (Short)
388 sfx_s3kd1l (Long)
389 sfx_s3kd2s S3&K: Gumball Machine handle turn (Short)
390 sfx_s3kd2l S3&K: Gumball Machine handle turn (Long)
391 sfx_s3kd3s (Short)
392 sfx_s3kd3l (Long)
393 sfx_s3kd4s (Short)
394 sfx_s3kd4l (Long)
395 sfx_s3kd5s S3&K: Lava Reef falling lava (Short)
396 sfx_s3kd5l S3&K: Lava Reef falling lava (Long)
397 sfx_s3kd6s (Short)
398 sfx_s3kd6l (Long)
399 sfx_s3kd7s S3&K: Lava Reef lift moving (Short)
400 sfx_s3kd7l S3&K: Lava Reef lift moving (Long)
401 sfx_s3kd8s S3&K: (Short)
SRB2: Sharp turning red
402 sfx_s3kd8l (Long)
403 sfx_s3kd9s (Short)
404 sfx_s3kd9l (Long)
405 sfx_s3kdas S3&K: Knuckles turning on fan in Mushroom Hill Zone 2 (Short)
406 sfx_s3kdal S3&K: Knuckles turning on fan in Mushroom Hill Zone 2 (Long)
407 sfx_s3kdbs S3&K: Water running in Hydrocity (Short)
408 sfx_s3kdbl S3&K: Water running in Hydrocity (Long)
409-1208 n/a n/a