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Thing type 1704, NiGHTS Bumper, is a type of Thing used in NiGHTS levels that propels the player upon contact. It propels any character in whichever direction it is facing. The Angle determines the yaw angle of the NiGHTS bumper. A flags value of 0 through 11 added to this Thing determines its pitch. Note that the Angle has no effect on NiGHTS Super Sonic; to propel him backward, you must use the pitch flags.

Unlike most Thing types, the Flip flag does not invert the gravity of NiGHTS bumpers.

Pitch values

Propulsion direction Flags to be added Names of checked flags
Forward 0 (None)
30° upward tilt 1 Extra
60° upward tilt 2 Flip
Up 3 Extra, Flip
60° upward tilt backwards 4 Special
30° upward tilt backwards 5 Extra, Special
Backwards 6 Flip, Special
30° downward tilt backwards 7 Extra, Flip, Special
60° downward tilt backwards 8 Ambush
Down 9 Extra, Ambush
60° downward tilt 10 Flip, Ambush
30° downward tilt 11 Extra, Flip, Ambush

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