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This article is about the version of Brak Eggman present in Version 2.1. For the Version 2.0 version of the boss, see Brak Eggman (Old).

Thing type 209, Brak Eggman, also known as Black Eggman, is the final boss encountered in SRB2; it is used in Egg Rock Core Zone. It is a large metallic robot that shoots various types of projectiles at the player while equipped with an electric barrier to protect himself from damage unless it is removed. Brak Eggman is based on Metal Robotnik from the Japanese anime OVA Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie (the character is known as Black Eggman in Japan – "Brak Eggman" is a deliberate Engrish misspelling of this). A miniature version of Brak Eggman called the Minibrak was at one point considered as an enemy but eventually scrapped.

Adding the Special flag will cause the level to end when Brak Eggman is defeated, rather than by destroying an Egg Capsule. Adding the Ambush flag will cause Brak Eggman to spawn the electric barrier around himself that he uses in Egg Rock Core Zone. The barrier will not spawn otherwise.

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