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Thing type 501, Level End Sign, is a type of Thing that is placed at the ending of most Single Player levels. It is a sign that displays a picture of Eggman at first, but when the player completes the level, the sign spins around and stops to show a picture of the player's character. The level end sign does not spawn in Match, Tag or Capture the Flag.

The sign itself is merely for decoration; it is not responsible for ending the level. To end the level, the player must enter an exit sector. Any level end signs that are located inside the exit sector will then start spinning. Level end signs that are not located inside an exit sector will not spin. However, if there are no level end signs at all in the exit sector, all level end signs located elsewhere in the level will spin at once.

The icon that is displayed on the sign after it stops spinning depends on the character that is played and is set by that character's PLAYc frame. Because there is no placeholder icon sprite, custom characters must always supply their own level end sign icon. If none is supplied, the sign will still work as normal, but no icon will be shown. The color of the sign's background depends on the skin color of the character – see List of skin colors > Skin color opposites for more details.

The table below displays the different pictures the level end sign shows for each of the three main characters after it has finished spinning, as well as the picture of Eggman it initially displays:

Character Eggman Sonic Tails Knuckles

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