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Player being dashed forward by a speed pad.

Linedef type 4, Speed Pad, is a type of linedef special which turns the floor of a tagged sector into a speed pad that will dash the player forward at a specified speed. After the dash, the player will also be momentarily invincible (just like after taking damage).


The target sector must have either the Speed Pad (Spin) or Speed Pad (No Spin) sector special for this linedef effect to work. The direction of the speed pad is indicated by the direction of the controlling linedef. The linedef length indicates the speed (1 fracunit of the linedef length equals 1 fracunit per tic of speed). Unless the Solid Midtexture flag is checked, the player will be teleported to the center of the sector when the speed pad is activated.


Sample 1

Example WAD: ex_ld004_speedpad_nospin.wad

Sample 2

Example WAD: ex_ld004_speedpad_spin.wad

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