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Player spinning through a zoom tube.

Linedef type 3, Zoom Tube Parameters, is a type of linedef special which is used to define the parameters of a sequence of zoom tube waypoints. For more information about creating zoom tubes, refer to the zoom tube tutorial.


This linedef must be tagged to the two sectors which have the Zoom Tube Start and Zoom Tube End special, respectively (or only one of these to create a one-way zoom tube). The linedef's X distance determines the speed of the zoom tube (8 fracunits of the X distance equal 1 fracunit per tic of speed), and its Y distance determines the number of the waypoint sequence.

If the Solid Midtexture flag is checked, the zoom tube will also activate if the player is not facing the same direction as the zoom tube itself. Note that this effect should be only used for one-way zoom tubes, as the player will spin back and forth endlessly if both ends contain an activator sector.


Example WAD: ex_ld003_zoomtubeparameters.wad
  • This example WAD can be played in any gametype. It uses MAP01, replacing Greenflower Zone Act 1.
  • This map contains two separate zoom tubes. One is a regular ground-based zoom tube, while the other is floating freely in the air with the use of an intangible FOF.

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