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Player being hurt by spikes.

Sector type 5, Spikes, is a sector type that is used in conjunction with spikes and damages the player on contact. The Elemental Shield does not protect against it and any shield will be lost or damaged upon being hurt by this special. It plays the spike sound effect (sfx_spkdth) when the player comes in contact with it. If the player is merely hurt, the hurt sound will play along with the spike sound; if the player dies, the usual death sound will be suppressed in favor of the spike sound. In NiGHTS levels, these sectors do not cause damage in 3D mode due to all damage being disabled; in 2D mode, they cause normal NiGHTS damage and only play the normal hurt sound.

Since Thing-based spikes have their own collision detection when the Ambush flag is checked, this special is typically used with sector-based spikes such as the ones used in Greenflower Zone Act 2.

Type of sector Behavior
In-level sector Damages players when they touch the floor
Solid FOF control sector Damages players when they touch the FOF top (sides and bottom are safe)
Intangible FOF control sector No effect
Water FOF control sector No effect


Example WAD: ex_st00005_spikes.wad

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