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Player being hurt by slime with water damage.

Sector type 2, Damage (Water), is a sector type which damages the player unless the player has an Elemental Shield. The difference between this and Damage (Electrical) is that it only works with water blocks, and that the player is only damaged when submerged deep enough (more than 28 fracunits) in the liquid. Since Attraction Shields disappear immediately upon contact with water blocks, they will not protect the player from the damage of this sector type. In NiGHTS levels, these sectors do not cause damage in 3D mode due to all damage being disabled; in 2D mode, they cause normal NiGHTS damage.

This special was notably used as the "slime damage" in Techno Hill Zone prior to v2.1 as well as many custom THZ-themed levels. In this context, it is used on a translucent water FOF with a #E000E0S colormap, CHEMG01 flats and TFALL1 textures.

Type of sector Behavior
In-level sector No effect
Solid FOF control sector No effect
Intangible FOF control sector No effect
Water FOF control sector Damages players when submerged more than 28 fracunits in the FOF, unless they have an Elemental Shield


Example WAD: ex_st00002_damage_water.wad

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