Crawla Commander

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Thing type 107, Crawla Commander, is a flying, heavily-armored Crawla enemy. It is unused in SRB2's official levels. It requires two hits to be destroyed. When its health is full, it attempts to charge into the player when close enough, and it also zooms backwards to dodge the player's counterattacks. When it has one hit point left, it switches to a pogo-type attack pattern, where it bounces around trying to hit the player.

Crawla Commanders spawn 33 fracunits above the ground by default, which can be overridden by changing their Z position. It is not recommended that more than two Crawla Commanders be placed in the same room, or be placed in close proximity to each other. Fighting multiple Crawla Commanders at once is usually tedious, since the player can just spin in one place and wait for them to approach.

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