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SRB2Kart's title screen.

Sonic Robo Blast 2 Kart (usually shortened to SRB2Kart) is a source code modification for Version 2.1 made by the Kart Krew team. Originally based on the Mario Kart mode of SRB2 Riders, it is a kart racing game with Sonic-themed characters, items and race tracks. SRB2Kart features over 100 maps for two game modes: the main Race mode and a Battle mode where players fight each other using the items available in the game.

Current release information

Gameplay and content

The gameplay resembles the Mario Kart series, with the ability to drift and getting boosts from drifts, throwing items forwards or backwards, and starting boosts. However, handling and physics are not the same as any of those games. Among differences, there is the ability to "slip-tide" (by turning inwards after a drift boost), the ability to "drop dash" (by holding the Accelerate key when respawning), dragged items can slow you down (but can't be stolen), 3 drift levels (Blue is a weak boost, Red is a strong boost, and Rainbow is a much longer lasting strong boost but takes more time to get than others), water skipping (bouncing on water up to two times if you have enough speed; but may not apply in some tracks), among other techniques.

As of the current release, Single Player only offers a Record Attack mode where you race with staff ghosts - including yours if you raced there before - and get medals from completing a race under certain times: Silver medals which are from decent times, and Gold medals which tend to be the toughest as well as being cleared by the top staff ghost from the track. Getting certain amounts of medals or playing a set number of races can unlock you extra cups, as well as a Hard game mode speed, and some extra things. Note that Record Attack mode can't be played if in a cheated game or if any add-ons are loaded.

The principal feature of SRB2Kart is Multiplayer, which can be offline with any add-ons you want, or online through LAN or Internet with support up to 16 players. Split-screen mode is supported both online and offline modes, with up to four players on each client. If an online server requires certain add-ons, the game will download and load them prior to a join request, if the server allows file downloading.


Items are provided by item boxes, which are littered across the track or battle arena. There are various different items which can be obtained:

  • Sneakers: These sneakers can give the user a boost of speed which allows them to cross over offroad sections with relative ease, or to quickly recover from crashing. Comes in single and trio varieties, as well as the Rocket Sneakers (only usable in Race modes) which gives unlimited Sneaker usage for a period of time. In Battle modes, hitting someone with a Sneaker charge steals a bumper from them!
  • Bananas: A staple of any kart racer, these bananas can be laid out on the track to slip up other racers. Comes in single, trio and 10 times varieties.
  • Orbinauts: Spiraling spike balls for protection, which can be fired ahead or behind to hit others, and can bounce off of walls. Comes in single, trio and quadro varieties.
  • Jawz: A shark-like missile with homing capabilities. Comes in single and double varieties.
  • Invincibility: You can do anything! Not even offroad can stop you!
  • Hyudoros: A ghost which likes to steal other players' items, while giving you intangibility for a short while.
  • Grow: Get bigger and stronger for a short while, allowing you to run over other racers!
  • Shrink: A Race mode exclusive item, this shrinks everyone in front of you and forces them to drop their items.
  • Ballhogs: Fires 5 bombs ahead of you in a spread pattern, which can bounce.
  • Pogo Springs: A Battle mode exclusive item, this causes you to jump high into the air. But make sure there's solid ground where you land! Or another player, so you can steal a bumper from them as you bounce off their head!
  • Kitchen Sinks: An item which, when used, instantly kills and respawns the target when hit, while announcing it to everyone. This item is very, very rare, and doesn't show in the normal roulette.
  • Eggman Monitors: It's a fake! Picking up this monitor after it's placed will cause you to drop your current item and starts a countdown before you explode. You can trigger the explosion early, though, to hit others in the blast.
  • Mines: Sets off an explosion after a period of time. They are also motion activated, so they will go off if someone gets too close to them.
  • Self-Propelled Bombs: Or SPBs for short. These bombs can only appear in Race modes and will target first place. However, perfect play can keep the SPB away!
  • Thunder Shields: A shield which automatically forms in Race modes, which sends out a thunderclap when triggered.


See also: SRB2Kart/Character WAD
See also: SRB2Kart/Chart of characters

SRB2Kart features 5 base characters, as well as an additional 26 in the optional bonuschars.kart addon. Characters are balanced according to two stats, with values between 1 and 9: speed and weight. A high speed value gives the character a high top speed, but at the expense of worse acceleration. A high weight makes it easier for the character to push other players around, but at the expense of worse handling when drifting. Faster and lighter characters build up drift boosts more slowly compared to a slower and heavier character.

Base characters

Character Icon Speed Weight
Sonic Ch sonic want.png 8 2
Tails Ch tails want.png 2 2
Knuckles Ch knuckles want.png 5 5
Dr. Eggman Ch Eggman want.png 2 8
Metal Sonic Ch metal want.png 8 8

Bonus characters

Character Icon Speed Weight
Flicky KFLKWANT.png 9 1
Motobug MOTOWANT.png 1 5
Amy Ch amy want.png 5 2
Mighty KGTYWANT.png 5 8
Ray Ch ray want.png 2 5
Espio Ch espio want.png 6 6
Vector VECTWANT.png 7 7
Chao Ch chao want.png 1 1
E-102 Gamma Ch gamma want.png 1 9
Chaos Zero Ch chaoszero want.png 3 9
Shadow Ch shadow want.png v1.0.2–v1.0.4: 8
v1.0.0–v1.0.1: 7
v1.0.2–v1.0.4: 5
v1.0.0–v1.0.1: 4
Rouge Ch rogue want.png v1.0.4: 5
v1.0.2–v1.0.3: 2
v1.0.0–v1.0.1: 4
v1.0.4: 3
v1.0.2–v1.0.3: 5
v1.0.0–v1.0.1: 3
Dark Chao Ch darkchao want.png 1 2
Cream Ch cream want.png 4 1
E-123 Omega Ch omega want.png 9 9
Blaze BLAZWANT.png 7 3
Silver Ch silver want.png 3 4
Wonder Boy Ch wonder want.png v1.0.2–v1.0.4: 4
v1.0.0–v1.0.1: 5
v1.0.2–v1.0.4: 7
v1.0.0–v1.0.1: 8
Arle ARLEWANT.png 4 3
NiGHTS Ch NiGHTS want.png 7 1
Ulala Ch ulala want.png 3 3
Beat Ch beat want.png 5 6
Aiai AIAIWANT.png 7 6
Kiryu Kazuma Ch kiryu want.png 6 7
Aigis Ch aigis want.png v1.0.2–v1.0.4: 6
v1.0.0–v1.0.1: 9
v1.0.2–v1.0.4: 4
v1.0.0–v1.0.1: 1
Hatsune Miku MIKUWANT.png 3 6


Main article: SRB2Kart/Levels

Currently, there are 103 levels in SRB2 Kart, consisting of 11 Race cups with 5 tracks per cup for a total of 55 Race tracks (of which 3 cups/15 tracks are unlockable), 29 Battle arenas, 15 Map Hell Race tracks, 3 Map Hell Battle arenas and the Podium Evaluation map (which will be used in a future update).

Editing features

Thing types

  • Thing type 462: SD2 BP Balloon – A randomly-colored balloon that makes the player bounce high upon contact. Used in SD2 Balloon Panic.
  • Thing type 553: Gray Spring
  • Thing type 554: Invisible Spring
  • Thing type 557: Diagonal Blue Spring
  • Thing type 711: MKDS PG Tree
  • Thing type 712: MKDS PG Flower 1
  • Thing type 713: MKDS PG Flower 2
  • Thing type 714: MKDS PG Flower 3
  • Thing type 715: MKDS PG Bush
  • Thing type 716: HTZ Pinetree
  • Thing type 717: HTZ Bush
  • Thing type 718: MKSC SG Vine 1
  • Thing type 719: MKSC SG Vine 2
  • Thing type 720: MKSC SG Vine 3
  • Thing type 724: RBA Boost
  • Thing type 725: RBA Spikeball 3
  • Thing type 726: RBA Spikeball 2
  • Thing type 727: RBA Spikeball 1
  • Thing type 728: Chao Fruit (Pink)
  • Thing type 729: Chao Fruit (Red)
  • Thing type 730: Chao Fruit (Orange)
  • Thing type 731: Chao Fruit (Blue)
  • Thing type 732: PC Merry-Go-Round Horse
  • Thing type 733: PC Exploding Barrel
  • Thing type 734: Twinkle Cart Ambience
  • Thing type 735: PC Merry-Go-Round Ambience
  • Thing type 736: PC Bowling Pin
  • Thing type 737: Small Red Torch
  • Thing type 738: THH Monokuma
  • Thing type 739: Small Purple Torch
  • Thing type 740: CK RR Pegasus Statue
  • Thing type 741: CK RR Lizard Man Statue
  • Thing type 742: CK RR Dragon Statue
  • Thing type 743: CK RR Chimera Statue
  • Thing type 744: CK RR Chest
  • Thing type 745: KKR GD Tree
  • Thing type 746: KKR GD Duck
  • Thing type 747: KKR GD Thing
  • Thing type 748: Green Torch
  • Thing type 749: Blue Torch
  • Thing type 1479: Torch (no fullbright)
  • Thing type 1480: Devil Gargoyle
  • Thing type 1481: Angel Gargoyle
  • Thing type 1482: Generic Palmtree
  • Thing type 1483: Peach's Castle Flag
  • Thing type 1484: Sonic the Hedge (bust)
  • Thing type 1485: Tall Bush
  • Thing type 1486: Bush Tree
  • Thing type 1487: Fire Hydrant
  • Thing type 1488: Random Audience Member – A randomly-colored Chao that jumps constantly.
  • Thing type 1600: VVZ Smoke
  • Thing type 1601: MCZ Jack in the Box
  • Thing type 1950: AAZ Palmtree
  • Thing type 1960: SM SS3 Pillar
  • Thing type 1969: MZ Torch
  • Thing type 1970: MZ Burner
  • Thing type 1988: RRZ Lamp
  • Thing type 1989: RRZ Chain
  • Thing type 2000: Random Item – A random item box.
  • Thing type 2005: BBZ Frogger
  • Thing type 2006: BBZ Robra
  • Thing type 2007: BBZ Blue Robra
  • Thing type 2015: Buzz Bomber
  • Thing type 2016: SCZ Palmtree
  • Thing type 2018: PRZ Smoke Generator
  • Thing type 2200: AS Toad – A static Toad that flies off screaming upon contact and explodes (doesn't respawn). Used in Arid Sands.
  • Thing type 2201: FTZ Lizard Man Statue
  • Thing type 2202: FTZ Lion Man Statue
  • Thing type 2301: SMK DP Bush 1
  • Thing type 2302: SMK DP Bush 2
  • Thing type 2303: SMK DP Bush 3
  • Thing type 2311: EZZ Propeller
  • Thing type 2400: Big Puma
  • Thing type 2496: 3CD Tree 1
  • Thing type 2497: 3CD Tree 2
  • Thing type 2498: 3CD Bush
  • Thing type 2499: 3CD Moon
  • Thing type 2500: Chomper
  • Thing type 2679: EGZ Fog Generator
  • Thing type 2800: Autumn Flower
  • Thing type 2801: Autumn Sunflower
  • Thing type 2802: Autumn Budding Flower
  • Thing type 2805: Autumn Bush
  • Thing type 2807: Decorative DKR Item
  • Thing type 2808: Big Ring
  • Thing type 2809: Decorative MKSC Item
  • Thing type 3000: SCZ Blue Flower
  • Thing type 3001: SCZ Blue Tulips
  • Thing type 3002: SCZ Yellow Flower
  • Thing type 3003: SCZ Yellow Tulips
  • Thing type 3120: MC Random Shadow
  • Thing type 3121: MC Roaming Shadow
  • Thing type 3122: MC Sign
  • Thing type 3124: MC Spotlight
  • Thing type 3199: Mementos Reaper Waypoint
  • Thing type 3201: Mementos Teleporter
  • Thing type 3202: Mementos Reaper
  • Thing type 3203: SMK VL Ice Block
  • Thing type 3204: DSZ Pinetree
  • Thing type 3742: DPZ Palmtree
  • Thing type 3745: SMK VL Snowball
  • Thing type 3970: SMK Pipe
  • Thing type 3971: SMK DP Monty Mole
  • Thing type 3972: SMK Thwomp
  • Thing type 4022: SCZ Wall Plant
  • Thing type 4024: SCZ Plant
  • Thing type 4025: SCZ Bush
  • Thing type 4026: CAZ Skull
  • Thing type 4027: CAZ Phantom Tree
  • Thing type 4028: CAZ Flying Gargoyle
  • Thing type 4029: CAZ Lamppost
  • Thing type 4030: CAZ Dead Tree
  • Thing type 4050: CD SS1 UFO

Linedef flags

  • Linedef flag 15: Invert Encore Remap – Inverts the effects of the Encore Remap if an Encore Palette has been made. With FOFs, this needs to be set on the linedefs in the map, instead of the ones on the control sector.

Linedef types

  • Linedef type 328: Encore Load – is a type of linedef executor trigger which activates any linedef executor within its control sector immediately after the level loads in encore mode. This linedef executor only triggers once, and will not trigger again until the level is reloaded. The tag given to this linedef is irrelevant.

Sector types

  • Sector type 2: Offroad (Weak) – Slows the player down slightly unless they are under the effect of a speed boost.
  • Sector type 3: Offroad – Slows the player down moderately unless they are under the effect of a speed boost.
  • Sector type 4: Offroad (Strong) – Slows the player down greatly unless they are under the effect of a speed boost.
  • Sector type 12: Wall Sector
  • Sector type 112: Trigger Linedef Executor (Race Lap)
  • Sector type 192: Invert Encore Remap – Inverts the effects of the Encore Remap if an Encore Palette has been made. Normally, everything is remapped barring Spring Panels and Sneaker Panels.
  • Sector type 256: Spring Panel – Makes the player bounce forward after touching the sector like a spring, keeping any previous momentum or speed (or giving some if you didn't have too much speed).
  • Sector type 768: Spring Panel (Speed Capped) – Makes the player bounce forward after touching the sector like a spring, but caps your speed to a certain amount during the jump instead of keeping it.
  • Sector type 24576: Sneaker Panel – A boost panel, gives the player a speed boost upon contact.
  • Sector type 40960: Circuit Finish Line – Marks the completion of a lap after crossing all checkpoints before it. Note that it can be used as a Section completion marker in case your track is a one-way/section race (laps used as sections).

Level header parameters


Default setting: false

This parameter is used to indicate if a track is a sprint race where there's a defined end. If this is set to true, then the number of 'laps' which the player would have to do will be no more than the NumLaps value given.


Default setting: FRACUNIT

This parameter is used to set the scale of all Objects in the map, in multiples of FRACUNIT.

Example: MobjScale = FRACUNIT/2 would scale all Objects in the map to half of its current size.


Default setting: (none)

Replaces "Zone" with the title on this parameter, unless the NoZone parameter is set to true, in which case it won't display at all. The zone title is limited to 21 characters; if it is longer, a warning will be displayed and the name will be truncated to fit.

List of music

Other features


This article or section contains a spoiler, an unlockable, or a secret. Please leave the page if you do not wish to view spoilers.

With the exception of Hell Attack, all unlockables can be unlocked either by collecting a certain number of medals or playing a certain number of matches.

Unlockable Description Needed medals Needed matches
Egg Cup Unlocks the Egg Cup maps (Kodachrome Void, Boiling Bedrock, Egg Quarters, Virtual Highway and Eggman's Nightclub) for Record Attack and Multiplayer. 5 medals 25 matches
Chao Cup Unlocks the Chao Cup maps (KKR Ganbare Dochu 2, CK Chao Circuit 1, CK Chao Circuit 2, CK Cloud Tops 2, CK Regal Raceway) for Record Attack and Multiplayer. 15 medals 50 matches
SMK Cup Unlocks the SMK Cup maps (SMk Donut Plains 1, SMK Mario Circuit 2, SMK Ghost Valley 2, SMK Bowser Castle 3, SMK Vanilla Lake 2) for Record Attack and Multiplayer. 30 medals 150 matches
Hard Game Speed Unlocks the Hard Game Speed option for use in Multiplayer. 50 medals 200 matches
Encore Mode Unlocks Encore Mode, which mirrors the tracks and may provide a complete palette remap of them, for use in Multiplayer. 70 medals 300 matches
Hell Attack Unlocks the ability to Record Attack the Map Hell maps. 110 medals
Spoilers end here.

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