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SRB2 Riders' title screen.

SRB2 Riders is a source code modification for Version 2.0 made by Chaos Zero 64, assisted by several other members of the SRB2 community. It replicates the gameplay and levels of Sonic Riders in SRB2, featuring Sonic characters racing through Sonic Riders racetracks on air boards. It also features a gameplay mode that replicates Mario Kart 64, and includes numerous custom Race levels made by the community.

The release of SRB2 Riders for Version 2.0 led to the creation of numerous user-made tracks and level packs for SRB2 Riders' Mario Kart mode. The gameplay mode itself would later inspire the creation of the spin-off modification Super SRB2 Kart Z (commonly known as SRB2 Kart).

Current release information

Gameplay modes

Sonic Riders

Racing is performed on Extreme Gear boards powered by air stored in the Air Tank. The amount of air is displayed to the right of the HUD. Air is slowly consumed while riding the board and at a higher rate when performing one of the two special moves: The Air Slide is performed by turning (only via turn keys) and strafing simultaneously. The move shoots a jet of air out the side of the board, which allows players to turn quickly. Turning speed has been lowered to accommodate Air Sliding. The other special move is the Air Boost, which is activated by pressing the Spin button. It gives the player an extra boost of speed, but consumes a considerable amount of air. It cannot be activated if the air meter turns red. Air Boost also allows you to attack rivals ahead of you, temporarily disorientating them and costing them time.

If the Air Tank runs out of air, the player cannot use the Extreme Gear board anymore and must continue by foot until new air is gained. Air can be replenished by picking up Air Items, performing trick actions, or picking up enough Rings for a level-up. There are three levels in total, each adding additional air to the Air Tank. Players start out with level 1, but can level-up at 30 and 60 Rings. The maximum number of Rings that can be collected is 100, but they don't serve any purpose after reaching level 3.

There are two types of trick actions that can be performed. The first is specific to the type of Extreme Gear. There are three types in total: Speed, Flight and Power. Each of them can perform special tricks that replenish their Air Tank. Speed types have the ability to grind along edged surfaces such as rails and pipes. Flight types have the ability to launch off runways and fly through chains of Hoops. Power types have the ability to punch through obstacles, some of which reveal shortcuts.

The other trick action can be performed by all characters and is used with the Jump Pads that are typically located at the end of ramps. Normally, Jump Pads acts like springs that launch the player at a certain speed and height, not being able to move until they land. However, a trick can be performed by pressing the Jump button while approaching a Jump Pad and releasing it while on the Pad. While the Jump button is pressed, the player slows down until it is released. Depending on how well-charged the jump was, the player receives a rank of (from worst to best) C, B, A, S or X. The better the rank is, the more air the player gains. After releasing the Jump button, hold the Backwards button to get propelled higher, or the Forward button to get propelled further. Sometimes, this will allow you to reach shortcuts above the main track.

During the countdown at the start of the race, the start line is sealed off by an electric barrier that opens as soon as the race starts. Crossing it too soon will freeze your character for a short period of time. Crossing the start line directly after the countdown finishes gives you an extra boost.

Mario Kart

In Mario Kart mode, the players drive along the track in a kart. A speedometer is shown in the lower right of the HUD. The regular top speed is 60 mph, although several power-ups raise the top speed to 80 mph. Driving off the main track will slow you down to 40 mph or less in most levels. The controls are switched so that the Jump button is for gas, the Spin button for brake and backpedal, and the Taunt button for a small hop. The Fire button is used to drop items.

Items are collected from Item Boxes, which randomly give the player one of nine items. Upon collecting an Item Box, an item slot machine will appear at the top of the HUD and quickly run through the list of items for a while until the player stops it by pressing Fire or it stops automatically. As long as an item is in your slot, no new items can be collected. Press Fire to use the item in your slot. In the case of items that are thrown or dropped, hold the Fire button to hold the item at the back of your kart. This can protect you from other players or a Red Shell. Items that are normally dropped can be thrown forward by pressing the Forward button while releasing the Fire button. Shells, which are normally tossed forward, can be tossed backwards by pressing the Backward button while releasing the Fire button.

Drifting can be done similarly to the Air Slide in Sonic Riders mode. To drift, hold the Taunt button and turn in any direction (only via turn keys). After drifting for a while, your tires will start "burning" with a blue flame and eventually an orange flame. Once these appear, releasing the Taunt button will give you a short burst of speed. However, if you ram a wall while drifting, all your power will be lost immediately. Note that due to a bug, the speed while drifting is fixed at 60 mph.

Lakitu from the official Super Mario Kart games appears at the start of the race with the start signal, waves the flag at the end of the race, and fishes out players who fell into a death pit. If you fell into a death pit, press Taunt for Lakitu to pick you up and drop you at the last Star Post you activated. Falling into a death pit is the only way to die in Mario Kart mode; being crushed by a crusher or a Thwomp will squash the player, making them smaller and slower for a while.

Similarly to Sonic Riders mode, you can get an instant boost at the start of the race if you start pressing the gas pedal at the right time during the countdown.


Sonic Riders

Items appear in the form of capsules, which are littered across the track. There are four types of power-ups that can be collected:

  • Rings: Gives the player 10, 20 or 30 Rings. Can be gained out of the respective capsules or a Random Capsule.
  • Air: Refills the Air Tank by a bit. Can be gained out of the Air Tank Capsule or a Random Capsule.
  • Attraction Shield: Attracts nearby Rings like a magnet. Disappears after a few seconds. Can only be gained out of a Random Capsule.
  • Invincibility: Protects from all attacks and obstacles, except death pits. Disappears after a few seconds. Can only be gained out of a Random Capsule.

Mario Kart

All items can be gained out of Item Boxes, which are littered across the track. They randomly give the player one of the following items:

  • Mushroom: Gives the player a short speed boost, leaving flame trails.
  • Star: Makes the player invincible and increases speed for a short while.
  • Green Shell: When thrown, bounces off walls on the track until it falls off an edge or hits a player. That player will flip over and come to a halt for a short while.
  • Red Shell: When thrown, will automatically go towards the nearest player. If it hits a wall, it gets smashed.
  • Banana: When thrown, sits on the track until a player or another item hits it. If a player touches it, they will spin out of control for a short while.
  • Fake Item: A fake Item Box resembling regular Item Boxes, but will cause a kart to stop on contact.
  • Bob-omb: When thrown, sits on the track and explodes after a few seconds or if a player hits it.
  • Thunderbolt: Causes all the other players to lose their items, spin out and shrink, making them slower and easier to knock around.
  • Mega Mushroom: Makes the player huge and increases speed for a short while. Any kart they bump into will be squashed.


See also: 2.0:SRB2 Riders/Character WAD

SRB2 Riders features a set of twelve characters, three of which are SRB2's official characters. They are divided into three types, according to the type of Extreme Gear they use: Speed, Flight and Power. Aside from having different abilities on their Extreme Gear boards, acceleration and top speed differ for each type. In regular Race mode, they have a normal set of abilities.

Character Picture Extreme Gear Type Special Ability Spindash Speed Acceleration Thrustfactor Accelstart
Sonic Ch sonic Riders.png Speed Double Thok Jump Yes 36 (Fast) 40 (Low) 5 (High) 96 (Low)
Tails Ch tails Riders.png Flight Fly/Swim Yes 32 (Slow) 50 (High) 3 (Low) 192 (High)
Knuckles Ch knux Riders.png Power Glide/Climb Yes 34 (Medium) 45 (Medium) 4 (Medium) 128 (Medium)
Amy Ch amy Riders.png Speed Double Jump Yes 36 (Fast) 40 (Low) 5 (High) 64 (Very Low)
Cream Ch cream Riders.png Flight Fly/Swim Yes 32 (Slow) 50 (High) 3 (Low) 192 (High)
Jet Ch jet Riders.png Speed Double Jump No 36 (Fast) 40 (Low) 5 (High) 64 (Very Low)
Wave Ch wave Riders.png Flight Double Jump No 32 (Slow) 50 (High) 3 (Low) 192 (High)
Shadow Ch shadow Riders.png Speed Double Thok Jump Yes 36 (Fast) 40 (Low) 5 (High) 64 (Very Low)
Rouge Ch rouge Riders.png Flight Fly/Swim Yes 36 (Fast) 40 (Low) 5 (High) 64 (Very Low)
Eggman Ch eggman Riders.png Power Fly Air Spindash 34 (Medium) 45 (Medium) 4 (Medium) 128 (Medium)
Blaze Ch blaze Riders.png Speed Slow Fall Yes 36 (Fast) 40 (Low) 5 (High) 64 (Very Low)
Silver Ch silver Riders.png Flight Float No 32 (Slow) 50 (High) 3 (Low) 192 (High)

Some of SRB2's special abilities were modified for SRB2 Riders. The thok was changed to a double jump thok, which gives the player an extra height boost and puts them in their falling frames. For flight characters, holding the jump button will make the player continually rise until their flight power is used up.


Currently, there are 48 levels in this mod, divided into three categories: Sonic Riders, Mario Kart, and normal Race mode. The Sonic Riders maps make up the Single Player rotation, consisting of remakes of Sonic Riders' Heroes and Babylon courses. Mario Kart mode features 10 maps made by several authors. Normal Race mode includes SRB2's regular Circuit rotation as well as 25 custom maps, most of which were previously entered into the Official Level Design Contest.

Editing features

Thing types

Linedef types

Sector types

Level header parameters

See also: Level header

Several features added to SRB2 Riders make use of level header parameters for their full functionality. Those are listed and explained here.


When the game has been modified, this will allow a map guide to be shown in the HUD when the level is played in-game, just like the ones shown when playing the Sonic Riders levels. The automap picture should be a lump with a name of MAPxxR, xx being the two-digit form of the map number; for slots above 99, extended map numbers must be used. This was added so custom maps that override the Sonic Riders levels won't show the wrong map guide.


This determines how many skies are used for a sky animation. SkyNum sets the first sky as usual, while all following skies should come directly afterwards. For example, SkyMount = 12 used with SkyNum = 91 means that the last sky in the animation will be SKY102, whose sky number is 11 greater than that of the first sky.


SRB2 Riders introduces two new level types which both have their own TypeOfLevel value. Both Riders and Mario Kart can be combined with other values.

Value Mode
16384 Riders
32768 Mario Kart


Custom powers

SRB2 Riders comes with 40 extra custom powers; however, the majority of these are not intended to be used outside of specific uses internally.

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30 pw_boost Gives the player a boost in Riders mode. Value must be above 70.
31 pw_brake When set to 1, force the the player to stop in Riders mode.
32 pw_exrun When set to 0, the player will always walk and not use their Extreme Gear board until the finish line is touched. When set to 1, they will use their Extreme Gear board. When set to 2, the player will walk until they gain enough air to ride the Extreme Gear board.
33 pw_exspeed Sets the speed of the Extreme Gear board. Cannot be higher than the normalspeed of the player's character.
34 pw_airtank Sets the amount of air in the Air Tank. The Level 1 Air Tank's maximum is 23, Level 2's maximum is 46, and Level 3's maximum is 71.
35 pw_airstartpoint Sets how quickly the Air Tank uses air. In a normal game, this starts out with 1 at the beginning of the race and continually rises until it reaches the maximum value of 11. -1 works the same as 11.
36 pw_bustable This is used to tell the game that the player is breaking a bustable block. Automatically goes back to 0 once the block is busted.
37 pw_ramp This is used to tell the player if a ramp is mandatory or optional. Should not be modified.
38 pw_rampspeed This is a ramp's speed for those that charged their jump long enough and pressed Up to use a shortcut.
39 pw_rampheight This is a ramp's height for those that charged their jump long enough and pressed Up to use a shortcut.
40 pw_rampspeed2 This is a ramp's speed for those that didn't reach the shortcut.
41 pw_rampheight2 This is a ramp's height for those that didn't reach the shortcut.
42 pw_rampangle This is a ramp's angle. It's only used when you let go of a charged jump on a ramp or were at the edge of the ramp.
43 pw_rampscore This sets the rank the player received from a ramp. 50 = C, 100 = B, 150 = A, 200 = S, 250 = X. Any number in between will round down to the lower rank, and any number above 250 won't do anything.
44 pw_jmpcharge This is the jump charge for a ramp. If it's at 10 or above, the player will use the shortcut. If it's at 40 or above, the player will receive an X rank.
45 pw_drift Should not be modified.
46 pw_driftcharge This is the drift charge for Riders mode and Mario Kart mode. In Riders, if you stop drifting when the drift charge is at 4 or above, the player gets a short boost of speed. In Mario Kart, it's 40 for a short boost and 80 for a long boost.
47 pw_jmp This tells the player if he's holding the jump. Should not be modified.
48 pw_positiondelay Similar to the Taunt delay, it gives the player 5 seconds before it can taunt again.
49 pw_oldposition This is used to save the player's position temporarily, to see if it's okay to taunt to the player you just passed. Should not be modified.
50 pw_kartitem If you break an Item Box, this gets added every tic until it stops with a new item for the player. Set to 1 so it can act just like the Item Box Thing.
51 pw_itemslot This is used in case you are carrying an item, and the Item Box gives you the same item. To use this properly: 13 = Green Shell, 14 = Red Shell, 15 = Banana Peel, 16 = Fake Item, 17 = Bob-Omb.
52 pw_starshroom Use 1 to instantly get the Star Item, and 2 to get the Mushroom.
53 pw_mushroom This is used similar to pw_sneakers. Anything bigger than 0 will give the player the effect of the Mushroom Item. The default number is 50.
54 pw_shell When set to 2, gives the player the Green Shell item. Glitchy when set to 1.
55 pw_redshell When set to 2, gives the player the Red Shell item. Glitchy when set to 1.
56 pw_banana When set to 2, gives the player the Banana item. Glitchy when set to 1.
57 pw_bananacam In Mario Kart, you can use this to make the player spin out of control. You need pw_introcam to properly use this. To spin clockwise, set pw_bananacam to -5 and pw_introcam to 2. To spin counterclockwise, set pw_bananacam to 275 and pw_introcam to 3.
58 pw_fakeitem When set to 2, gives the player the Fake Item. Glitchy when set to 1.
59 pw_bomb When set to 2, gives the player the Bob-omb item. Glitchy when set to 1.
60 pw_thunder When set to 1, gives the player the Thunderbolt item.
61 pw_megamushroom When set to 1, gives the player the Mega Mushroom item.
62 pw_shrink pw_shrink alone will not shrink the player. When this is bigger than 0, it's set up as a timer of how long you will be shrunken. Players who have a higher position will last longer. 245 (7 seconds) is used for 1st place, and 35 (1 second) is used for anyone in 7th place or below.

-280 (8 seconds) is used for the Mega Mushroom. Both positive and negative numbers will be subtracted/added until it reaches 0.

63 pw_squished pw_squished alone will not set the player's animations to their "squished" frames. The default number is 210, and will return to 0 as time goes by. You will not be able to move until it reaches 100.
64 pw_boostcharge In the beginning of a Mario Kart level, after 2 seconds, you get the chance to hold the gas pedal to charge your engine. After 4 seconds, if pw_boostcharge is between 7 and 10, you will get an instant boost. If it's less than 7, nothing will happen, and anything bigger than 10 will delay you from the race for 50 tics.
65 pw_fishing Deprecated: This was replaced internally by player->airtime.
66 pw_psychic This is similar to pw_tailsfly. Set to 97 for Floating character's counter which will slowly deplete until it reaches 0.
67 pw_waypoint Similar to Zoom Tubes, this sets the next waypoint that a Riders racer will face next. They currently work, but were deleted from all map rotations for a better set of waypoints. Speed Types will follow a waypoint that have an angle of 0 through 359. Fly Types follow 360 through 719. Power Types follow 720 through 1079.
68 pw_introcam In Riders, set this to 1 to make the camera rotate in front of the player. NOTE: This only works at the beginning of the level, so it should not be modified. In Mario Kart, you can use this to make the player spin out of control. You need pw_bananacam to properly use this. To spin clockwise, set pw_bananacam to -5 and pw_introcam to 2. To spin counterclockwise, set pw_bananacam to 275 and pw_introcam to 3.
69 pw_sounds This is used in all Race gametypes to make sure that a sound will play only once. Should not be modified.

Other features

A table of SRB2 Riders' skin colors and their color ranges. Click to enlarge.
  • The "Player Setup" menu lists all available skin colors in a color spectrum that can be scrolled through. Additionally, ten new skin colors were added to the already existing skin colors for Version 2.0, making a total of 25 colors available to choose from. Some of these new skin colors, as well as the style of listing the skin colors, would be re-used for Version 2.1.
  • Three console commands were added (togglecheese, togglechip, togglebirdie) that will spawn either Cheese the Chao, Chip from Sonic Unleashed, or "Birdie" from Sonic Adventure. They will appear behind you and follow you around.
  • While in a netgame, if anyone reaches the finish line, all new joiners will become spectators until the next level starts.
  • The Escape key can be configured in the controls menu. The Esc button itself is hardcoded and always works, even if the field is left blank. This was added so players can open the main menu with a Joystick without having to reach at the keyboard.