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Blue Heaven, previously known as Chaos Zone, is a level pack for Version 1.09.4 made by Tets. The last release, v0.5.3, contains five two-act zones and five Special Stages, while the final version was supposed to span eight zones. An update for Version 2.0 was in the works, but according to Tets, development on it has stalled. Notably, the first two zones of Blue Heaven use music borrowed from Sonic: Emerald Quest.


Blue Heaven contains five zones, each of which consists of two acts. Every second act has a portal at the end that leads to a boss fight within the same level. Three additional zones were planned for the pack but never added. One of these, Arid Ruins Zone, had both acts released in the Official Level Design Contest. The remaining two, Underwater Zone and Incredible Crisis Zone, were never made. In addition to the five main zones, Blue Heaven also contains replacements for the first five Special Stages, which use the same format as the regular Special Stages in SRB2 v1.09.4. There are only five Special Stage Tokens in the level pack – one in each second act – so it is impossible to collect more than five Chaos Emeralds.

Blue Heaven contains 32 emblems: one for each character in every level, as well as the two extra emblems that are always awarded in SRB2 v1.09.4. The second extra emblem, which is awarded for collecting all Chaos Emeralds on Normal difficulty or higher, is impossible to obtain because only five emeralds can be collected. No rewards are offered for collecting emblems; the only unlockable is a level select, which is unlocked by completing the Single Player campaign.


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