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Thing type 1104, Mace (Spinning), is a type of Thing that, when used in conjunction with linedef type 9, defines the center of a mace that rotates in a horizontal plane. A link of chains and the mace are placed around this Thing. The mace provides non-elemental damage on contact. It plays sfx_mswing when the player gets close to it, unless the Special flag is checked.

The Angle of this Thing should be the same as the tag of the control linedef. The number of chain links is defined by the control linedef's X distance; one fracunit equals one chain link. The movement speed is defined by the control linedef's Y distance; 0 is stationary, 8 is the fastest possible speed, and any value above 8 will act as 8.

The direction of the mace's spin is determined by the floor height of the control sector, and should be between 0 and 359 (a value of 0 or 180 makes the mace spin vertically, a value of 90 or 270 makes the mace spin horizontally, and any other value will make the mace spin at varying diagonal angles). The direction is also manipulated by the front side X and Y texture offsets of the controlling linedef.

Checking the Ambush flag makes the mace twice as big.

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