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Linedef type 413, Change Music, is a type of linedef executor which, when triggered, changes the background music of the level.


The tag given to this linedef is irrelevant. The lump name of the music to play is indicated by the front upper texture of the control linedef, e.g., O_MAP01M for Greenflower Zone Act 1's music. If the linedef upper texture does not refer to a valid music lump, the music is stopped. See List of music for a list of music in SRB2.

In addition, if the music format supports multiple tracks, such as music modules or certain emulated formats, you can specify which one is desired in the control linedef's front lower texture. This is not necessary for music formats that do not support that feature, like Ogg or MP3.

By default, this linedef executor only affects the player who activates it, and the music will be looped. If the Not Climbable flag is checked, this linedef will affect all players simultaneously. If the Solid Midtexture flag is checked, the music is played only once. If the Block Enemies flag is checked, the new music will continue playing even if the player dies and goes back to a Star Post. Otherwise, the music reverts when the level is reloaded.


Example WAD: ex_ld413_changemusic.wad

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