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Linedef type 412, Teleporter, is a type of linedef executor which, when triggered, instantly teleports the Object that triggered it to a specified location in the map, producing a flash and a teleport sound effect if desired. This is most commonly used to teleport the player, but it can also teleport pushable Objects such as gargoyles.


This linedef should be tagged to the desired destination sector within the map. A Teleport Destination Thing must also be placed in the destination sector. The exact X-position, Y-position, Z-position, and angle the teleported player or Object will assume are determined by this Thing.

If the Block Enemies flag is checked, the teleporter will not flash and make the teleport sound effect. If the Not Climbable flag is checked, the Object will retain its angle after teleportation. If the Solid Midtexture flag is checked, the Object will retain its speed and momentum after teleportation.

If the Peg Midtexture flag is checked, the teleporter will be set up differently. In this alternate version of the teleporter, no Teleport Destination Thing nor a tagged sector are necessary; the Object's new X-position, Y-position, and Z-position (relative to its current position in the trigger sector) will be determined by the linedef's front texture X and Y offsets, and the control sector's ceiling height, respectively. It will also work as though the Block Enemies, Not Climbable, and Solid Midtexture flags are checked, meaning that the teleporter will not flash, make sounds, or alter the angle, speed, or acceleration of the teleported Object. A good example of this can be seen near the end of Egg Rock Zone Act 2, where an elevator triggers a teleport (unbeknownst to the player) that teleports them to a visually identical elevator at a different spot in the level.


Sample 1

Example WAD: ex_ld412_teleport_player.wad

Sample 2

Example WAD: ex_ld412_teleport_object.wad

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