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By using the cut-away view, the camera position can be switched to a fixed point on the map. Here, the character can walk around while the camera stands still.

Linedef type 422, Switch to Cut-Away View, is a type of linedef executor which, when triggered, switches the camera scene to a view from a different place for a specified length of time. Note that this effect only works for linedef executors triggered by a player; it will not work if activated by something else, such as a pushable Object.


This linedef should be tagged to the desired target sector within the map. This target sector should also contain an Alternative View Point. The Z-offset of the Alternative View Point will determine the height of the cut-away view. The Angle of the Alternative View Point will adjust the angle of the cut-away view. The length of the control linedef indicates how long to stay in this view, in tics.

If the Not Climbable flag is checked, you can also adjust the pitch (vertical viewing angle) of the cut-away view. In this case, the pitch will be determined by the control linedef's front texture X offset. The angles are expressed in degrees, so the offset should be between -90 and 90.


Example WAD: ex_ld422_cutawayview.wad

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