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MAP40, Haunted Heights Zone, abbreviated as HHZ, is the first challenge stage in Sonic Robo Blast 2 v2.2, which is unlocked by completing the Single Player campaign. It was originally created for the September/October 2014 OLDC, where it won its division. The level takes place in a Halloween-themed setting with some industrial elements mixed in. It features various gimmicks from prior zones, like goop, conveyor belts, and maces, along with some new gimmicks like disappearing platforms and spider webs that slow the player down.

The zone features three enemy types: the Spinbobert, a ghost enemy that moves up and down; the Cacolantern, a flying pumpkin enemy that shoots bullets at the player; and the Hangster, a bat enemy that hangs in the ceiling and sneaks up at the player when they approach.


First section

Haunted Heights Zone begins in an outdoor area with many platforms, enemies, and monitors, plus some maces here and there. You can progress through the platforms in various ways. To go on the uppermost path, start by going straight ahead through the transparent platforms, and wait until the Spinbobert isn't in the way before going to the next transparent platform. Then turn right, avoid the mace circling around, and jump following a path of rings onto the next ledge. Keep progressing rightward until you reach a set of diagonal springs that will propel you to the first Star Post.

If you miss the jump to the second transparent platform or are hit by the Spinbobert, you can either take the springs below the first platform to try again, or proceed through the lower path. Follow the rings and turn right until you reach a sloped conveyor belt that sends you upwards. At that point, jump off the conveyor belt when the Spinbobert isn't in your way. With proper timing, you can perform a high slope jump. After jumping off, proceed carefully through the stomping maces and go up a slope. Then turn left and proceed through two fairly small platforms with another Spinbobert between them. The second platform has a diagonal spring on it. Jump on the spring, then turn left and jump on vertical springs to reach the first Star Post.

The first Star Post begins an indoor area, where you can either go forward or turn left. The forward path starts with a big pool of goop, then another small pool you have to jump over by following the rings. A Hangster is nearby in that area; be sure to watch out for it. After that, proceed past a mace circling around to enter the next outdoor area.

If you turn left from the first Star Post, you will encounter a sideways conveyor belt. Jump over the belt and then proceed through two more platforms to reach the next outdoor room, which begins the zone's second section.

Second section

Upper path

To get to the upper path from the second outdoor room, you will need to start by jumping on a transparent platform, which is to your right if you turned left from the first Star Post, and straight ahead if you turned right. Jump ahead from that platform onto a conveyor belt scrolling to the right, avoiding the Spinbobert in the process. Then turn right to encounter a platform guarded by a Cacolantern and two more vertically moving conveyor belts, the first scrolling to the left and the second to the right. Jump on the first conveyor belt when it's low enough, then wait for it to rise and then jump on the second conveyor belt. In both cases, run against the conveyor belt's direction to avoid falling off and be sure to avoid the Cacolantern in the process. After making it through the conveyor belts, you will reach a dark room with the second Star Post.

The dark room contains a set of intermittently appearing and disappearing platforms, marked by sound effects and lights on the ceiling. Right when one platform disappears, the next one appears, and the next one after that also disappears, and so on. To get through these platforms, the best way is to take it slow and steady, jumping off one platform and onto the next right before your current platform disappears so that you can land on the next one right as it appears. If you fall off one of these platforms, you won't land in a death pit, but rather will get sent back to the start of the room, which means you can try this room as many times as you need unless you get hurt without rings. The first five platforms have no hazards, but the sixth and seventh have a mace circling around, which means you need to get through them with very good timing.

After the set of disappearing platforms is two stable platforms, the first guarded by a Cacolantern, then another set of disappearing platforms. The second set of platforms has each one slightly higher than the last, but no hazards. If you get through these platforms, you will make it to the third Star Post, beginning the zone's third section. If you fall off, you will go back to the start of the first set of disappearing platforms.

Lower path

If you fall off the route to the upper path before the second Star Post, you will end up on the route to the lower path, though you can use springs to try again getting to the upper path. You can also go this way by turning right from the start of the second outdoor room and progressing through some areas with stomping maces. From stomping maces, turn left to encounter a sloped conveyor belt with horizontal red springs behind that. Walk or spin onto those springs and use them to go up the conveyor belt, avoiding maces at its end, then turn left and jump on a yellow spring while avoiding the mace in front of it.

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Third section

Knuckles' path

Sonic, Tails, and Metal Sonic's path

Amy's path

Fang's path

Fourth section

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