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Version 2.2 is the current version of SRB2, released on December 7th, 2019. It is one of the most extensive updates in the history of SRB2, heavily revamping the Single Player campaign up to Red Volcano Zone Act 1. It added the second and third act of Arid Canyon Zone, remade Deep Sea Zone, Castle Eggman Zone and Red Volcano Zone Act 1 from scratch, and heavily revamped many other levels, adding slopes, new gimmicks and enemies, and updating many of the graphics. Additionally, it features many improvements to the game's presentation, such as new menus, title cards and an entirely remade soundtrack.

Release history

Version Release date News
v2.2.0 December 7th, 2019 [1]
v2.2.1 Febuary 16th, 2020 [2]

Single Player campaign

v2.2 features big updates to the Single Player campaign levels, reworking the existing levels with new assets, sections and slopes, as well as adding Arid Canyon Zone Act 2 and Act 3 to the lineup. Furthermore, Deep Sea Zone, Castle Eggman Zone and Red Volcano Zone Act 1 have been remade entirely from scratch. The degree to which the levels have been changed for v2.2 varies, ranging from complete remakes to smaller adjustments.[1][2]

  • Greenflower Zone: The gameplay and visuals of the first two acts have been overhauled for v2.2. Slopes have been added to the zone and other changes have been made with the goal of better teaching the game's mechanics to new players while also providing rewards for skilled play.[3] Red Crawlas have been re-added to the zone. Many of the graphics used in the zone have been updated: The main wall texture has been improved and new, more detailed variants of it have been added. The grass texture and the sprites for the enemies and scenery objects used in the zone have been updated as well; the flower sprites are now animated. Other visual additions include trees and a skybox. The skybox shows Greenflower Mountain defaced by Eggman's likeness, a reference to a change in the game's storyline.[1][3][4][2]
  • Techno Hill Zone: Similarly to Greenflower Zone, Techno Hill Zone has received visual and gameplay changes aimed at making the zone more polished. New paths have been added to the first two acts and many existing areas have received changes.[2] The main outdoor wall texture, which is used primarily in act 1, has been updated and the textures first introduced for the second act's remake in v2.1 are now used in the factory sections of act 1 as well. The sprites for the existing mechanical flower scenery objects have received new sprites and new scenery objects have been added.[3] The Buzzes have received new, larger sprites.[2] The color of the slime thrown by the Egg Slimer has been changed to blue to indicate that it is harmful.[4]
  • Deep Sea Zone: The first two acts of this zone have been remade from scratch for v2.2, utilizing an updated and expanded texture set and additional scenery objects, but incorporating aspects of the previous version of the zone as well.[5][6] Parts of the zone take place in an outdoor, "open sea" environment featuring a new skybox. The mines that appear throughout the zone have been remade: When a player comes too close to a mine, it will trigger and explode after a few section. The explosion will destroy other nearby mines as well, causing a chain reaction.[3] A new ground-based enemy called Crushstacean has been added, which punches the player with an elastic claw.
  • Castle Eggman Zone: Castle Eggman Zone's first two acts have been remade from scratch. As in v2.1, the first act takes place in a forest leading up to Eggman's castle, which the player enters in the second act. The remade first act includes a skybox that shows the castle in the background. The forest sections feature an entirely new texture set, while the castle textures have been improved.[6] The sprites for the maces have been remade, and candles and torches have been added to the castle sections as scenery items.[2] The enemies featured in the zone have also been improved: The arrows shot by the Robo-Hood have been modified to be easier to notice; they now leave trails and make a sound before being fired. The CastleBot FaceStabber was renamed to Lance-a-Bot; it now takes two hits to destroy and charges at the player when they come too close. The Egg Guard now patrols back and forth while it is equipped with its shield instead of chasing the player.[3] CEZ2 focuses heavily on maces and horizontally moving platforms as gimmicks.
  • Arid Canyon Zone: Act 1 received significant updates for v2.2, but not a complete remake. TNT barrels, harmful cacti and tornadoes that launch the player upwards have been added as new gimmicks. Furthermore, v2.2 adds the second and third act of Arid Canyon Zone to the campaign.[3] Some sections of the second act originate from incomplete beta versions made during the development of v2.0 and v2.1, but most of the level design is new. Compared to act 1, act 2 places a stronger focus on underground areas, including mine shafts. In addition to the gimmicks introduced in act 1, it features minecarts that the player can ride.[5] Act 3 is a boss fight against Fang the Sniper on a moving train.
  • Red Volcano Zone: Act 1 has been remade from scratch, although many of its sections are based on the previous version of the map. In addition to the flamethrowers and crumbling platforms already present in v2.1, it features Object-based lavafalls as hazards. The lava appearance and behavior has been changed; it is now opaque and solid even from the sides. Rings that fall into the lava are melted, making the lava more dangerous to players falling into it. Three new enemies have been made for the level: The Pyre Fly is a hovering fly-like enemy that periodically catches fire. The Pterabyte always appears in groups of three that hover in circles around a central point. If a player comes near a Pterabyte, it will swoop down and try to grab the player. If it succeeds, it will carry the player for a while and drop them into the nearest lava pit. The player can escape by jumping repeatedly, eventually destroying the Pterabyte. Finally, the Dragonbomber is a multi-segmented flying enemy that drops spiked bombs. A new gimmick added to the level is the Rollout Rock, a large ball of pumice that the player can hop on to ride through the lava. The second and third act of RVZ have not been added for v2.2.
  • Egg Rock Zone: Several of the textures used in Egg Rock Zone have been remade or improved for v2.2. Otherwise, ERZ has received only minor changes. Most notably, the shrink section and the laser miniboss at the end of act 2 were removed. The changes to ERZ showcased in the 20th anniversary trailer are not included in v2.2, as they were scrapped in favor of a still-incomplete full remake. Egg Rock Zone Act 3 was removed entirely, and replaced with a 3-act boss rush known as Black Core Zone. Black Core Zone Act 1 is a race against Metal Sonic, taking place in the Egg Rock Zone Act 3 arena, but unlike ERZ3, the end of the race segment is a transition to Act 2, which is where the Metal Sonic boss fight takes place. Black Core Zone Act 3 takes the place of Egg Rock Core Zone, complete with a new ending.

Extra levels

Unlockable characters

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v2.2 introduces three unlockable playable characters: Amy Rose, Fang the Sniper and Metal Sonic. Each character is unlocked after encountering their non-playable version in the game: Fang after beating him as a boss in Arid Canyon Zone Act 3, Metal Sonic after completing Black Core Zone, where he appears as a boss, and Amy after completing Frozen Hillside Zone, where she appears at the end.

Interface and accessibility improvements

v2.2 contains many improvements to the interface of the game, ranging from the menus to the way the player's character is displayed. Many of these changes are intended to make the game more intuitive and easier to learn for newer players. Furthermore, several features have been added to assist players with visual or hearing impairments.[4]

  • By default, the character's sprite now automatically faces the direction the player is moving in. This change is purely visual; moves like the thok and glide still go in the direction the camera is facing, not the character. This feature is disabled in Match and derived gametypes, and it can also be disabled entirely in the Options menu.
  • Some of the game's controls have been renamed. In particular, the "strafe left/right" keys have been renamed to "move left/right" and the "look" keys have been renamed to "camera". The Setup Controls menu has also been reorganized into a scrolling, categorized list, with the most important controls listed first.
  • A new HUD element has been added to Record Attack replays, which shows which controls are currently being used.
  • A new automatic braking feature was added that causes the player to come to a halt more quickly when they stop pressing the movement controls. This feature is intended to ease players into the game, but more experienced players are encouraged to turn it off.
  • A closed captioning system for the hearing-impaired was added, which displays captions for played sounds on the screen. It can also be used in GIFs.
  • An in-game tool that allows the player to adjust the palette at runtime was added, to help add contrast for colorblind players.
  • Many of the menus in the game were overhauled. In particular, the save select and level select menu are now scrolling menus that display level preview screenshots. The Setup Player menu now features a sliding bar that displays the available player colors.


Gameplay mechanics

  • v2.2 includes a tutorial stage that teaches the player the basic mechanics of the game, including movement and camera, jumping, spindashing and thokking.[4]
  • Super forms in Match have been removed. Instead, collecting all Chaos Emeralds now gives the player Super Sneakers and invincibility for 20 seconds.
  • Horizontal springs have been added.[1]
  • SRB2's shield abilities have been expanded for v2.2. The eventual plan is for each of the five main shields to feature an active ability, which the player must actively trigger with the Spin button, and a passive ability, which is always in effect:
    • The Attraction Shield's new active ability is the Attraction Shot, which allows the player to dash towards nearby enemies, similarly to the homing attack but without cancelling the player's horizontal momentum after hitting the enemy. To indicate which enemy is targeted, an arrow marker will appear above the enemy when the ability can be used. A differently colored version of this marker is also provided for the homing attack custom character ability.
    • The Elemental Shield's new active ability is the Elemental Stomp, which makes the player quickly dash towards the ground.
    • The Force Shield's new active ability is the Force Stop, which cancels the player's momentum. Additionally, the shield has been recolored to a purple hue.[2]
    • The Whirlwind Shield already has the Whirlwind Jump as an active ability. A passive ability is not yet included in v2.2.
    • The Armageddon Shield's explosion already acts as both the active and passive ability, depending on whether it is triggered by pressing the Spin button or by the player being hit.
    • The Pity Shield still features neither an active nor a passive ability, but its sprites have been improved.
  • v2.2 includes golden versions of monitors that respawn immediately after being destroyed. These are useful for creating sections that require the player to use a monitor power-up to progress.


  • v2.2 features improved character sprites for Sonic, Super Sonic, Tails and Knuckles, as well as a proper spindash animation.[6][7][8]
  • Many textures and sprites have been remade or improved for v2.2, including the sprites for rings, springs, spikes, Star Posts and flickies.[3][7][2]
  • The palette has been revamped for v2.2, merging similar colors to make space for entirely new color ranges.[9]
  • The game's soundtrack has been overhauled for v2.2. Some new music was revealed in the 20th anniversary trailer[2] as well as several standalone videos[10], although these tracks have been changed further since then.


  • The setup for PolyObjects has been revamped for v2.2, among other things making the Parameters linedef optional for simpler PolyObjects. This change breaks compatibility with maps from v2.0 and v2.1 that use PolyObjects. In addition, work has been done towards fixing some (but not all) of their rendering glitches.


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