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MAP07, Deep Sea Zone Act 1, abbreviated as DSZ1, is the first act of Deep Sea Zone, the third zone in Sonic Robo Blast 2 v2.1. It takes place in underground caverns and ruins, which are partially submerged in water. Staying underwater for more than 30 seconds will make you drown. To prevent this, grab air from the air bubble patches that are scattered throughout the level. The level features gimmicks such as rising water that floods the room, platforms that float in periodically rising and falling water, and pushable gargoyles that can be used to open doors.

DSZ1 introduces two new enemies: the Jet Jaw, a fish enemy that chases the player, and the Skim, an enemy that floats on the water surface and drops bombs. A common obstacle is the Big Floating Mine, which explodes on contact with the player.


You start the level in a large rectangular room. Walk around the empty fountain in front of you to see an area that is covered with water. If you step into the water or even jump over it, the water level will rise, slowly flooding the room. You have two options to continue: You can either walk through the door to your left or you can jump to the platform attached to the wall in front of you and continue from there.

Left path

After walking through the door, you will enter a corridor with two rows of interlocking crushers coming out of the floor and the ceiling. Jump through them when they open to avoid getting crushed. You will then get to a big underwater room. Here you can choose from two paths, with one extra path for Knuckles.

Upper route

If you follow the row of rings to your left, you should see a vertically moving platform next to the ledge you are standing on. Use it to get to the ledge behind it. Proceed along the ledge until you reach another moving platform on the other side. Use this one to get to another ledge above the water surface. After following a turn to the left, you will come across a staircase with large steps. Jump to the top of the staircase and continue along the ledge until you reach another staircase that leads out of the room and to the first Star Post. If at any point in this room you should miss a jump and fall down to the ground below, turn around and face the entrance. You should see a small tunnel with a row of springs that lead back to the ledge next to the entrance.

After the Star Post, you will reach a room with a series of platforms floating on a pool of water. Jump across the platforms to reach the exit. If you should fall into the water, there is a spring next to the ledge near the entrance that you can use to get back up. At the exit of the room you will enter a waterslide, which will lead you into a room with slowly rising and falling water and platforms floating on the water surface. You should land near the first of a series of ledges that you can jump across to get to the exit of the room. The last jump will require you to use a spindash or your special ability to cross the gap. You can also try jumping on one of the floating platforms when the water is low to be transported to the top. Using either method, you should end up at a small tunnel with the second Star Post behind it.

Jump into the water next to the Star Post. You will reach a room with rows of spikes and floating mines. The mines will move towards you if you get too close to them and explode on contact, so try to avoid them as you jump over the spikes. After this room is a corridor with more rows of spikes, but this time Jet Jaws are used as enemies. Afterwards the paths merge.

Lower route

If you look below the ledge at the start of the room, you will see another ledge extending to the right. Jump onto it and follow its right turn to reach an exit to another room. In front of you should be a series of steps that lead to a rocky bridge suspended over a field of spikes. Make your way across the bridge while avoiding the rows of spikes on top it to reach a red spring leading above the water surface. At the entrance to the next room is the first Star Post.

The next few rooms require you to push gargoyles onto buttons to open the door to the next room. In the first room you must simply push a gargoyle forward onto the green button. In the next room, you must push two out of the six gargoyles in the room onto a button. After that, you have to push two gargoyles onto yellow springs to make them land on pillars that will open the door. Don't stand in their way when they fly, or they will miss their goal. In the fourth room, you must push one of three gargoyles off its pillar and onto a vertically moving platform to push it onto the button. When the door opens, take the red springs to reach the last room of this section. It consists of a water current with four bars blocking the exit. Push one of the gargoyles into the water to make it break one of the bars. You now end up in a big semicircular room with a V-shaped statue in front of you. Look down to your right to see the exit on the other side of the room. Here the path merges with the upper path.

Knuckles' route

Turn to the left and walk up to the wall with a row of rings leading upwards. Climb up that wall and you will eventually reach some breakable blocks leading to the first Star Post. Turn to the right to see a pool of water and two basins with waterfalls attached to the left wall. All the walls that are covered with moss are not climbable, so you will have to climb across the basins instead. Stand on the very edge of the ledge with the Star Post and then glide over to the first basin. You should be able to just barely attach to its wall, so climb up and try to stand on its edge. If you fall into the basin's water, jump immediately and climb over to the ledge attached to the other wall. Now you can glide to the second basin.

If you glide further from there, you will encounter a maze on the wall to your left. Attach to the left end of the wall and climb down near the bottom to find a small opening to the right. From there, follow the outline of the maze until you come to a split where you can climb either left or upwards. Climb upwards and continue to the right to reach a ledge with a row of red springs. You will reach the entrance to a waterslide with an Elemental Shield in front of it. The waterslide will take you to the big flooded room with the rising and falling water of the upper route.

Upper path

In the starting room, you need to climb across a series of platforms to reach an exit at the top. Knuckles can't climb the outer walls in this room, so he will have to take the platforms as well. After jumping to the platform attached to the wall in front of you, the water in the room will start to rise. Turn right and jump across a series of platforms to reach a bridge that will lead you to a staircase on the other side of the room. Run up the staircase and take the yellow springs. You must now cross another bridge to the other side of the room. There are holes in the floor, so be careful. On the other side is a yellow spring that leads up to a series of crumbling platforms. Jump over these platforms quickly before they fall to reach the room's exit. Run through the following corridor quickly, since the floor here crumbles as well, to reach the first Star Post. If you did fall through the crumbling floor, you will end up at the rocky bridge of the lower route on the lower path.

Turn right to cross a tunnel with water dropping from the ceiling that leads to a large semicircular room. Proceed forward along the outer rim of the room until you reach the exit with the second Star Post. You now have to cross a pool of water with Skims floating on the surface. Jump through the hole in the fence in front of you and turn left. The next fence has no hole, so you need to jump into the water. Turn right and continue forward until you reach a building with a door. Don't stand around too long or the Skims will drop bombs on you. Go through the door and jump over the spikes in the following corridor.

Walk down to the staircase to reach a room where you have to follow a convoluted path underwater. Again, don't stop for too long or will get bombed by Skims. At the end of the underwater path you will reach a series of platforms that you can use to jump out of the water. To your left, opposite to the entrance, should be a ledge with several gargoyles. Jump to it and go through the exit in front of you to reach a corridor. The floor in this corridor will crumble after a few seconds, leading you into an underwater room with several floating mines. The mines will move towards you if you get too close to them and explode on contact, so try to avoid them. On the left side of the room is an alcove with a small opening in the wall. Go through it to reach the area where the paths merge.

Final section

Continue forward and you will reach a corridor with rising and falling water. Floating on the water surface are four large platforms. You can either pass under these platforms or jump on top of them to make your way across the corridor. In both cases, make sure the platforms don't crush you against the floor or the ceiling. The last platform will lead you to a ledge with the last Star Post and a diagonal spring. Take the spring to be a launched into another room with a series of bridges that you have to walk across. The second bridge with the moss-covered floor will crumble, so walk across it quickly. The last bridge will lead to a series of large square platforms. Jump across these platforms to reach the top of the building to your left. Next to the wall is an entrance to a corridor with a row of crushers. Jump through these crushers to reach the Level End Sign.

Points of interest

Extra lives

  • When taking the upper route of the left path, push one of the gargoyles into the waterslide that leads into the big room with rising and falling water. You will notice a green platform that sticks out from the floor. Push the gargoyle onto it to open a secret path that contains an extra life. You can also take a gargoyle from Knuckles' path.
  • At the wall maze on Knuckles' route, instead of continuing upwards at the split, go left and continue until you reach a ledge. In the center of the ledge there is a small part protruding from the wall. The ceiling above this part is breakable, so climb through it to enter a passage leading to a room with an extra life and two Super Ring Monitors.
  • In the big semicircular room where two paths merge, turn right at the exit to find a ledge next to the large building in the center with two ring monitors and a yellow spring. Jump onto it and walk through the entrance into the building to find an extra life.
  • In the room where the paths merge for the last time, stand on the second of the four rising and falling platforms and jump off to the left just before getting crushed.
  • In the last big room, jump to the ledge to the left of the crumbling bridge. Use the yellow spring on the ledge to reach a small platform with four ring monitors and an extra life.
  • In the same room, instead of jumping onto the large square platforms, go to the pillar holding the large platform in the center of the room. It has a little wall you can spindash through to reach an extra life.
  • At the bottom of the last room, below the exit, there is a door that is blocked by rocks. Knuckles can break these rocks, which will lead to the room being flooded. Follow the now opened corridor to reach a room with two ring monitors, a Whirlwind Shield and an extra life.
  • Another set of extra lives becomes available after flooding the last room by breaking the rocks as Knuckles. Up against the wall opposite from the breakable rocks is a small part of the floor that's just barely elevated. This is actually a button that can be pressed down by pushing a gargoyle onto it. Use one of the gargoyles perched on top of the building with the exit. After pressing the button, a door leading to a corridor will open up in front of you. Normally, this corridor will lead to a dead end; however, by breaking the aforementioned rocks and flooding the room, the wall at the end of the corridor will float up, allowing you to continue. At the end of the corridor is a spring that will take you up to a room with shallow water. Every wall in this room is unclimbable except for the wall covered in vines directly in front of you. Water will periodically fall along this wall in a predictable pattern: one in the middle, then one on each side. If the water hits you, you'll be knocked back and fall to the bottom, forcing you to start from the beginning. Avoid the water as you climb up the wall and you'll eventually reach a large room with a fountain at the center. Inside the fountain are six extra life monitors. Be careful not to jump into the water in one of the four corners before grabbing the extra lives, as there is nothing but a bottomless pit and the walls are unclimbable. Going down the path to the right will lead you to the second Skim room of the upper path.


  • In the first room, next to the fenced platform in the front right corner of the room, there is a small corridor leading to a gray rock. Break it as Knuckles to find an Elemental Shield.
  • Take the upper path in the first room. A Whirlwind Shield is located on the second bridge, in plain sight. Avoid falling through the hole in the floor next to it.
  • In the room right after you exit the first room through the upper path, you can see several pillars with gargoyles on top of them. Spindash through the middle pillar to gain an Armageddon Shield.
  • In the big flooded room where the routes split in the left path, on the far wall in front of you, an Elemental Shield is hidden in an alcove at the bottom.
  • In the second basin of Knuckles' route lies an Armageddon Shield.
  • At the end of Knuckles' route, there is an Elemental Shield in plain sight in front of the waterslide.
  • After you exit the big flooded room of the left path through the upper route, you have to jump across platforms over a pool of water. To the left of the third platform is a small cave with a Whirlwind Shield.
  • Just before you exit the room with the rocky bridge and the spikes on the lower route of the left path, jump down to your left to get an Elemental Shield.
  • In the big semicircular room of the upper path, jump into the water just to the right of the platform near the exit which leads to an extra life. An Elemental Shield is hidden behind some seaweed.
  • When taking the upper path, in the first room with the Skims, do not go right after jumping into the water after the second set of bars. Instead, jump to the ledge in front of you (as Sonic, you will need a Whirlwind Shield for this). Walk across the ledge until you reach the building that leads into the next room. On top of it, you can see two platforms with spikes on their edges. The left one contains an Elemental Shield.
  • When taking the upper path, in the corridor after the second room with Skims, quickly run over the crumbling platform to get an Attraction Shield. This is useful to get the floating rings below the platform, but you will lose it directly after that in the water.

Super Sneakers

  • In the first room, a Super Sneakers monitor is located in the front right corner of the room from the starting point, next to the platform with the railing.
  • In the big underwater room of the left path, a Super Sneakers monitor is in plain sight after the first moving platform.
  • At the start of the lower route of the left path, a Super Sneakers monitor is located at the start of the rocky bridge that leads over a field of spikes.
  • On the upper path, a Super Sneakers monitor is located in front of the entrance to the flooded hallway that leads to the big semicircular room.
  • On the upper path, after entering the underwater door in the room with Skims, there are pillars with gargoyles on top of them to both sides. A Super Sneakers monitor is hidden behind the middle one on the left side.
  • On the upper path, in the second underwater room with Skims that leads up to the crumbling bridge, the underwater path splits off to the left at the start. Follow that split to reach a Super Sneakers monitor.
  • On the left path, in the underwater section with spikes and mines, a Super Sneakers monitor is located on the leftmost pillar in the room. Only Tails and Knuckles can reach it.
  • In the final room, where the bridge makes its final left turn, there is a ruin of a house to the right of it. If you jump between the corners of the two walls, you will land on a platform containing a Super Sneakers monitor.


  • When taking the left path at the beginning, you can see a bustable wall to your right after the second crusher row. In there, you'll find two Super Ring Monitors and an invincibility monitor.
  • In the Skim section after the semicircular room, you can see a green snake-like formation on the floor. Press the red button on top of it to open an alcove to your left containing an invincibility monitor and three Super Ring Monitors.
  • Just before the room with the spikes and mines on the left path, there is an invincibility monitor in plain sight, allowing you to cross that section with ease.

Technical data