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MAP08, Deep Sea Zone Act 2, abbreviated as DSZ2, is the second act of Deep Sea Zone, the third zone in Sonic Robo Blast 2 v2.1. It is similar in style to its first act, but relies more heavily on distinct gimmicks instead of traditional platforming challenges. Most prominently, waterslides are properly introduced in this act. While sliding on these, the player can move to the sides but not change the speed at which they move.


First half

You start the level with a waterslide in front of you. Jump in, and it will lead you into a small pool of water. From there you can reach the entrance to a large room which is flooded with water. The path splits here: You can either jump into the water to your left or jump into the cave in front of you.


Jump into the water and walk towards the far left end of the room. You will come across a series of pillars with a single ring on each of them. Jump across the pillars to get out of the water and reach the room's exit. Turn left in the next room and walk up the staircase afterwards. You will now enter a room with a bridge over a pool of water. Walk across the bridge to reach a building entrance with the first Star Post.

Jump into the waterslide inside the building. It will lead you through a long corridor and down a spiraling staircase. You will land in a basin with the second Star Post in a large open cave area. Now enter the large waterslide ramp to your right, which will propel you up to a bridge. Follow the bridge into another building and continue along the corridor with water dripping from the ceiling. After a spiraling staircase you will reach an Invincibility Monitor and two red springs. Use one of these springs to be propelled up to a pillar with another red spring, which will propel you up into the right route of the underwater waterslide on the forward path.


Jump into the cave in front of you and continue forward. After jumping across the water again, you will enter a building where you drop down into another pool. Continue forward until you reach the first Star Post and a room with a well in the center. The next room is a maze consisting of blocks that you can break by touching them. The easiest way to get through it is to stay as close as possible to the left wall of the room. If you are stopped by a non-breakable block, go one block to the right and continue, but go back to the left as soon as possible.

Once you reach the other side of the maze, you will enter a large room with a waterfall to right. Take the red spring in front of you to reach the upper platform and walk towards the waterfall. There are three platforms next to the waterfall that you can jump across to reach the room's exit and the second Star Post. The next room consists of several floating platforms that will rise when you step on them, allowing you to reach the next platform. If you fall into the water below, a waterslide will transport you back to the entrance, but beware of the Jet Jaws in the water.

Once you've made your way across the floating platforms, you will reach a room where you have to jump into an underwater slide. The slide immediately splits into a left and right route. If you choose the left route, you will first have to avoid some mines. After the slide makes a right turn, you will encounter three panels with horizontal spikes. Move left and right with your strafe keys to avoid them. Afterwards, you must jump over a row of slighly elevated spikes, after which the routes merge. If you choose the right route, you must avoid a series of spikes and mines before it rejoins with the left route.

After the routes merge, you have to avoid two more mines, jump over another field of spikes and pass below some spikes attached to the ceiling. Eventually, the slide will throw you onto a platform with the third Star Post.

Second half

Turn left from the Star Post to see a series of platforms floating in the water. Jump across them to reach a yellow spring leading up to a pillar with a red spring. Use the red spring to propel yourself up to the entrance of the next room, high above. Cross this room to reach the fourth Star Post and a drop into an underwater section. The first room in this underwater section contains several large pillars over a wide pit. Jump across the pillars to reach the other side, but don't stay too long on them or the platforms on top of them will rise and crush you against the ceiling. If you fall into the pit, there's a spring near the entrance that will get you back up.

After reaching the other side, refresh your air and walk forward, where you will encounter a large ceiling crusher that slowly goes up and down. You have to pass under this crusher when it is up to make it to the other side. There are several holes in the crusher where you can safely stand even when it's down. Some of them have air bubbles where you can refresh your air. Jump from hole to hole whenever the crusher is up until you reach the other side. To your right will be a row of diagonal springs that will take you out of the water and to the fifth Star Post.

You will now enter a waterslide. After a U-turn, it will lead you to a room where you have to jump across two other waterslides and into the one on the opposite side of the room, which continues forward. If you miss it and land in one of the other waterslides, they will lead you into a small pool with two red springs. Take one of the springs to be propelled back to the start of the waterslide section, where you can try again. Once you've managed to jump to the correct waterslide, it will lead you to a fork in the path. You can go either left or right.


After a few turns, you will be led into another room where you have to jump to the waterslide on the far end of the room, which leads right. If you miss it, you will be taken back to the entrance of the room, where you can try again. Once you've managed to jump to the correct waterslide, it will lead you into a cave with the Level End Sign. If you jump off at the right time, you can reach the ledge with the Level End Sign immediately. Otherwise you will fall into the water, where you can take a spring to get back up and reach it.


After a small turn, you will pass by an exit to your left. Jump off here and take the exit, since the waterslide will simply loop back to the start of the path split. After crossing a room full of stalactites, you will enter a cave with a waterslide turning left. Jump into the waterslide, which will lead you into the room with the Level End Sign. If you jump off at the right time, you can reach the ledge with the Level End Sign immediately. Otherwise you will fall into the water, where you can take a spring to get back up and reach it.

Points of interest

Extra lives

  • In the waterslide at the start, when you reach the first row of rings, jump to the ledge to your left to find an extra life.
  • At the descending spiral staircase in the waterslide section of the left path, there is an extra life next to the right wall. Jump at the right moment to get it.
  • At the ascending spiral staircase at the end of the left path, just before the red springs that lead into the underwater slide, turn around to see a ledge above the staircase with an extra life. Sonic can't reach it, but you can fly or climb to it as Tails or Knuckles.
  • There is an extra life hidden in the bustable block maze on the forward path. From the exit, go to the second pillar to your left and turn around. The extra life is located on a non-breakable block a few blocks into the maze, near the top. As Tails or Knuckles, you can simply fly or climb up to it and break the blocks in your way. As Sonic, it's more difficult to reach. You can use the springs hidden on the right-hand side of the maze, but you will need to break the blocks in-between first to clear your path.
  • In the underwater crusher segment, the safe spots in the third room allow you to fly/climb up to the top of the crusher as Tails or Knuckles, where a ledge with an extra life and four Super Ring Monitors is located.
  • Just before the split in the waterslide maze, there is a ledge to your left with an extra life.
  • Take the left path in the waterslide maze. In the room where you have to jump to the waterslide on the far side of the room, jump down to the lowest one instead and look to your right. At the start of the waterslide is a small pillar with an extra life. As Tails or Knuckles, you can fly or climb to it fairly easily. As Sonic, you have to repeatedly jump and thok against the current to reach it.


  • When taking the forward path at the beginning, before you jump across the water for the second time, turn to the right to see a small opening in the wall. Jump into it to find an Elemental Shield.
  • Before you enter the waterslide on the left path, you can see several pillars in front of you. If you spindash into the fourth one from the left, it will crumble and reveal a Whirlwind Shield.
  • In the room with the large waterslide ramp on the left path, there is a small platform hanging from the bottom of the bridge that leads into the next room. It contains two Super Ring Monitors and an Attraction Shield.
  • In the room after the underwater slide, jump into the water, turn around towards the entrance and walk around the platforms that lead out of the water. An Armageddon Shield is hidden behind some seaweed.
  • Take the right path in the waterslide maze. In the room just before the Level End Sign, walk up to the cave in front of you. You should see a single ring next to a wall. Spindash through this wall to find an Attraction Shield and two ring monitors.

Super Sneakers

  • When taking the left path at the beginning, right after exiting the room where the path splits, you will enter a room with a small temple structure to your right. Next to it is a small platform that allows you get up there and find a Super Sneakers monitor.
  • In the underwater room with the platforms that crumble up to the ceiling, there is a platform to the left of the room that contains a Super Sneakers monitor.


  • At the end of the left path, before you enter the underwater waterslide, an invincibility monitor is in plain sight next to the red springs.

Secret block maze entrance

There is a secret entrance to the bustable block maze that only Knuckles can access. In the room before the maze, jump down into the well. To your left is a breakable block that leads to the secret entrance, which will take you above the actual maze. This entrance doesn't save any time, but it might be useful to easily access some of the secrets in this room.

Knuckles' secret path

Once you get through the underwater slide section and jump across the platforms in the following room, you will reach a room with the fourth Star Post, where you normally have to drop down through a hole in the floor to enter an underwater section. As Knuckles, you can instead search the wall to your right for a cracked section, which breaks on contact. You will enter a room with a row of crushers that move up and down in a wave. On the other side of the room, there is an exit with a row of diagonal yellow springs, but the crushers prevent you from reaching it.

Next to the entrance are two pillars with gargoyles on top of them. Push one of them off its pillar and next to the pillar with the other one, then push the other one on top of it. Push the stacked gargoyles under one of the crushers to prevent it from reaching all the way down to the floor. Now you can walk safely under it and reach the other side. There, aim towards the row of springs and charge a spindash. Release it while the other crushers are up to reach the springs, which will propel you to a ledge with a Super Ring Monitor and an extra life. After collecting them, jump into the waterslide next to the ledge and follow it until you reach a row of bars blocking the path. Jump to break the bars, after which you will enter the final section of the map with the waterslide maze.

Technical data