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Thing type 780, Skybox View Point, is a type of Thing that is used to determine the viewing X and Y co-ordinates of a skybox, which in turn determines what can be seen of the skybox in the level's sky when the map is first loaded. This Thing is to be placed within the sectors of the skybox itself, rather than the in-level sectors. The angle of this Thing determines the absolute Z position the skybox is viewed from (the Thing's own Z position will have no effect).

If the Special flag is checked, this Thing instead becomes a skybox's center point (or reference point). It determines the position in-level the skybox's starting coordinates of the view will be displayed at – when the player moves away from or towards this point in any direction, the skybox view displayed in the sky will appear to move with the player relative to this point. The speed of the movement in any direction is determined by the level header parameter SkyboxScale; to modify movement speed along a particular axis rather than all, SkyboxScaleX, SkyboxScaleY, and SkyboxScaleZ are to be used for the X, Y and Z axes respectively.

Note that a skybox center point will not work on its own; a skybox view point needs to exist as well in the map. If a skybox view point is used on its own however, the skybox view will remain in the same position regardless of where the player is in the map.

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