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Linedef type 22, PolyObject Parameters, is a type of linedef special which is used to set up a PolyObject. Every PolyObject in a level requires one corresponding instance of this linedef effect; otherwise, the game will crash when it attempts to load the level. For more information on setting up PolyObjects, see PolyObject tutorial.


To use this effect, create a control sector outside of your map, and give one of its linedefs linedef type 22. The tag of the controlling linedef should be set to match the tag of the PolyObject's First Line (the one with linedef type 20). The floor height of the control sector should be equal to the PolyObject's ID.

To turn the PolyObject into a child PolyObject of another, the sector special value of the control sector should be equal to the parent PolyObject's ID. If this feature is not wanted, the sector special value should be set the same value as the control set's floor height; this tells the game that the PolyObject has no parent.


Example WAD: ex_ld020_polyobject.wad

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