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MAP87: Conveyor Conflict Zone



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MAP87, Conveyor Conflict Zone, is the eighth Capture the Flag level in Sonic Robo Blast 2 v1.09.4. It takes place in a factory with many conveyor belts, which make navigating the stage challenging, especially when carrying the flag. It was originally entered into the January/February 2006 OLDC, where it placed third with a score of 8.00.


Weapon rings

There are 8 Explosion Rings in the stage, 2 in each base and 1 on a platform across each bottomless pit.

Random Monitors

There is a random monitor on each side of the stage, in a small room between the base and the central passage that leads between the two. You can reach this room by taking the middle conveyor belt in the rooms with the pits.


Conveyor backpedal

An effective strategy on offense or defense on this map is to fire rings across the conveyors while moving backward. This is beneficial in two ways. First, it sends a lot of rings toward an opponent, who is hard pressed to dodge and continue chasing depending on how cramped the area is. Not only that, it decreases the chances of the player using the strategy of getting hit because he is moving away from his opponent and can easily duck behind a nearby wall before the opponent's rings even reach him.

Carrying the flag

In many games, both teams flags will be captured at the same time. Because of this, there will be a lot of heat on the flag carriers. The following are some places to "hose off the heat."

Upper base ledge

The upper base ledge is off to the right in either side's base. Essentially a flag carrier can jump into that passage to quickly escape the main base before choosing another another of these places to hide.

Monitor room

This room is between the base and central passage, and is a good place to go either coming back from the opponent's base with the flag, or from escaping your own base, via the upper ledge.

Lower base ledge

On the left side facing a team's base, there is a passage in the wall just above the death pit, which will take the player inside their own team's base. This is usually a good choice after running through the monitor room because it is straight out the other side of the room, away from the upper ledge.

Loop and mix it up!

An easy loop is to go from the upper ledge, to monitor room, to the lower ledge and back to base. Keeping the same pattern will make it easy for the opponent to take advantage. Thus, a flag carrier should vary this pattern and use other locations to keep their opponents off-guard.

Defending the flag

This really isn't difficult at all as long as you have mouselook enabled. As usual, ambush is the most effective way to protect your flag.

Red rings tumble down the stairs

Stand in front of your flag and stare down the stairs. Once your opponent comes, shoot rings down the stairs toward your enemy. Because jumping upstairs isn't very effective, the opponent will have a little trouble dodging rings that are being shot from higher ground. Although he/she will have a good chance of recovery, this technique is good for at least slowing your opponent down.

Use bombs wisely

Grab the two bomb rings at your base and stand right behind the entrance to your base where the Super Ring Monitors are. Once your opponent climbs up the stairs to get the flag, shoot Explosion Rings at the flag. This is effective for multiple reasons: because your opponent can't see you when he waltzes in, he won't expect to be randomly shot at out of thin air; the blast radius of the bomb ring covers most of the flag pedestal, so your shot will almost always hit the opponent while he's up there; and because you're at a farther distance from the flag, you may have a strategic advantage over the opponent, who is likely aiming more so on grabbing the flag than shooting other people. Once you're officially in combat with the opponent, stay near the base entrance in case you need to keep shooting at the flag.

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