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MAP94: Starlit Warehouse Zone



MAP94, Starlit Warehouse Zone, is the fifth Match level in Sonic Robo Blast 2 v1.09.4. It takes place on a city block at nighttime, containing street lights, rooftops, and back alleys.


Weapon rings

There are four Rail Rings and four Automatic Rings in the stage. The Rail Rings are inside each of the warehouses, and the automatic rings are on top of the elevator ceilings.

Random Monitor

The random monitor is located on a small floating platform directly above the center of the stage. Two moving platforms slowly move from the level of the roof of the buildings to the random monitor's platform.



Because this combination of weapons is so obscenely powerful, it can equally be a player's best friend and worst enemy simultaneously. Simply using Auto-Rail will essentially alert the entire netgame to the presence of the weapon combination and will likely focus the attention of all opponents on the player using it. Therefore, Auto-Rail is exceedingly powerful, but it must be used with the utmost care.

Rooftop sniping

The best place to fire from is a place that opponents cannot easily see or shoot back. Fire from the roof of any of the four warehouse buildings down into the alleys to take advantage of the fact that most players (especially Software users) will have an extremely difficult time to look up there and shoot before the sniper gets away to a new rooftop location.

Alley creeping

Narrow places are very dangerous on a map with rail rings. Auto rings only aggravate the situation. If chasing an opponent into an alleyway, attempt to shoot the opponent before making one's way into the warehouse via the stairs located at the back of each warehouse. Remaining in such a confined space for too long makes for an easy rail target. Take advantage of those in the alleyways, but don't linger too long.

Opponent's Auto-Rail

When any opponent gets control of auto-rail, it is highly likely that they will start racking up points very quickly. If feasible, rob the opponent of the weapons; otherwise, get out of the way! Fire at an Auto-Rail-armed opponent from behind or above to avoid being hit with ease.

Technical data