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Version 1.08 (also known as Final Demo 1.08) is an outdated version of SRB2, released on January 1st, 2004. It was originally intended to be the "definitive" patch for Final Demo 1.01, but it eventually grew to include a number of new features of its own.

As the follow-up release, v1.09, was delayed, v1.08 remained current for almost two years, an unusually long time at this point in development. Several critical bugs in v1.08 would remain unfixed during this period, most notably a bug that caused the game to crash if a player left a netgame while being targeted by a Homing Ring.

Beginning with this version, the source code for SRB2 was included with the installation, which allowed for the first notable source code modifications to be produced. SRB2's source code continued to be included with the installation for all public releases of SRB2 up to v2.0.


Single Player

  • Multi-thok was removed, restricting Sonic to one thok per jump.
  • Progress on Knuckles's proper sprites (which would replace the placeholder sprites from Demo 4.1) had been started; v1.08 included the first finished set of these, Knuckles's standing sprites.
  • In GFZ1, the cave where the token was located was now hidden behind a bustable wall (a new type of FOF), which the player had to spin into in order to break it.


  • The multiplayer roster was changed heavily and new stages were added in an attempt to get 10 stages for each gametype, although CTF had only 8.
  • In Match and related gametypes, hitting a player equipped with a shield now gave you the full 50 points instead of 25 points. Additionally, a 50 point penalty for dying in Match was introduced.
  • Ice Hockey Zone was added as a gimmick stage to test out a variation of CTF. It was designed to be played by two opposing teams who must try to push a snowman onto the opposing team's goal. However, a bug in v1.08 rendered the stage unplayable, as once a single goal was scored, the snowman would not be movable on respawn. Ice Hockey Zone and the experimental gametype itself would both be removed in v1.09.


  • The music that played when a player was awarded invincibility was replaced with a new theme; the original music for invincibility was now used for the Speed Sneakers power-up instead.
  • New power-ups were added for NiGHTS mode levels, for when the player is Super Sonic. Only Super Paraloop, Drill Refill and Nightopian Helper existed at this point; more power-ups for NiGHTS would be added later in v2.1. A proper HUD for NiGHTS mode was also added.
  • The scripting language SOC, derived from the Doom scripting language DeHackEd, was added. It allowed users to customize parts of the game that were not customizable before, such as map Objects, cutscenes and unlockables. One of the first notable examples of this feature in use was SA-SRB2.
  • A "golf" gametype was added as a variation on Single Player/Coop. This gametype prevented the player from jumping or walking, limiting the player to charging up and releasing a spindash; each spindash the player uses counted as a "putt", the total of which was counted in the "Rings" portion of the HUD. A golf stage's par was determined using the Special Stage ring/time requirements sector special. When a golf stage was finished, the results screen would show a black screen displaying the par requirement, the player's total putts and the score bonus awarded. However, this gametype was not widely known of at the time, and was later removed in v1.09.
  • Sonic's Light Dash ability for Adventure mode now had its own control key, instead of being activated by Ring Throw.
  • Two new skin colors were added: Black and Yellow.
  • The extended map number system was introduced, increasing the total number of available map slots from 99 to 1035. For example, the included Ice Hockey Zone uses the extended map number A0, which corresponds with the integer 100.


Single Player levels

Secret levels

Special Stages

  • MAP50-MAP56: Special Stages

Chaos stages

Capture the Flag stages

Match stages


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