1.09.4:Castle Eggman Zone Act 3

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MAP09: Castle Eggman Zone Act 3




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MAP09, Castle Eggman Zone Act 3, abbreviated as CEZ3, is the third act of Castle Eggman Zone, the third zone in Sonic Robo Blast 2 v1.09.4. It is a boss fight that takes place inside Eggman's fortress. Like in Greenflower Zone Act 3, Eggman uses the Egg Mobile, but this time it is surrounded by rotating spikeballs. This is the only boss level in SRB2 that features regular enemies.


Jump over the river of slime in front of you and continue forward. Jetty-syn Gunners will come out of small alcoves to the sides, so keep running to avoid them. In front of you is a diagonal yellow spring leading into the arena. Eggman will shoot his first missile at you while you're approaching, so use your strafe keys to dodge. Take the spring, which will propel you to a platform floating above a pool of slime. In Normal difficulty, there are four Crawlas on the first platform. In Hard difficulty or higher, they are replaced with two more Jetty-syn Gunners.

To hit Eggman without being hurt by his spikeballs, jump into him from below. Avoid falling off the platform and into the slime, because unless you're playing in Easy difficulty, it has no escape. If you run out of rings, you can jump back into one of the corridors leading into the arena to collect more. However, if you enter one of the corridors that you didn't enter the arena from, you will pass by more Jetty-syns, which will start chasing you. As usual, Eggman will fire missiles at you. After six hits, he will switch into his pinch phase and charge towards you instead. To hit him easily without getting hurt by his spikeballs, simply spindash in place and wait for him to approach. After two more hits, he will be defeated and the level will end.

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