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MAP08: Castle Eggman Zone Act 2




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MAP08, Castle Eggman Zone Act 2, abbreviated as CEZ2, is the second act of Castle Eggman Zone, the third zone in Sonic Robo Blast 2 v1.09.4. It takes place in the castle the player entered at the end of act 1. To finish this stage, the player needs to press seven buttons, which open a door that leads into the heart of the castle.


You start the level inside a castle building with many Crawlas and a door in front of you. Walk through the door to reach a large hexagonal courtyard with a pool in the middle. Along the outer walls of the courtyard are six openings, one of which is blocked by a closed door. To open the door, you need to find and press seven buttons, in any order. The four openings (minus the one with the door and the starting room) are listed in clockwise order:

  • First opening – Two buttons: Entering this opening will lead to another courtyard with a pool in the center. The first button is on top of the pool. To reach the second one, walk around the courtyard, take the staircase and cross the bridge to your right. Be careful not to fall down.
  • Second opening – One button: This opening leads to a large spiraling staircase with a button on top.
  • Third opening – One button: Entering this opening will lead to an outside room with an entrance to a dungeon to the left and a high castle wall to the right. Enter the dungeon and press the button at the end. Don't press any of the low buttons, however, or the cells to both sides of the room will be opened, releasing many enemies. If you cross the castle wall on the right side via the red springs, you will reach the area of the fourth opening.
  • Fourth opening – Two buttons: Entering this opening will lead into a small castle building. Exit it and make a U-turn to the right to find the first button. For the second one, enter the dungeon to your right. It contains a large pool of water and a button on the other side. Walk around the ledges to your right to reach it. If you turn left in the outside area, you can cross the castle wall via the red springs to reach the area of the third opening.
  • The door: To the opposite of the starting room is a locked door. After pressing all other buttons, press the one in front of it and walk through the now opened door. Drop down the hole in front of you and continue until you reach the Level End Sign.

Points of interest

The pool

Several secrets can be accessed by entering the large water pool in the center of the stage. To reach it, walk up the staircase of the leftmost opening in the central courtyard and then jump down into the pool from the bridge. All but one of the sides of the pool have a gargoyle in the middle. Go to the middle of the side that is missing a gargoyle and you will drop down into the water. After a short corridor, you will reach a room with several steps that lead above the water surface. There you can find an Extra Life Monitor and three Super Ring Monitors. Additionally, look to the left of the steps to see a small hole in the floor. Drop down there to reach an Armageddon Shield and a ring monitor.

Extra lives

  • In the room of the third opening, there are three platforms attached to the outer wall. The highest platform contains an extra life. Use the red springs to get up there.


  • In the starting room, there is a staircase to the left leading into a room with several enemies and an Inferno Shield.
  • In the starting room, there are two small ledges attached to the right wall. Jump across them to reach the wooden beam that crosses the room. Walk across the beam and jump into the alcove in the left wall for an Attraction Shield.
  • In the dungeon of the fourth opening, jump into the water and turn right. You should see an opening in the wall; go through it. In the room that it leads to, fly or climb up the ledge as Tails or Knuckles to find a Liquid Shield.
  • In the outdoor room of the fourth opening, use the springs next to the castle wall to get on top of the outer rim surrounding the castle building. Go to the left edge of it, and you should a ledge around the corner. Apart from several ring monitors, it contains an Armageddon Shield on Easy difficulty.


  • Go through the fourth opening and head outside. There should be a well to your right, containing an invincibility monitor.


  • In Race mode, the door to the exit is already opened, so you only have to walk through it to finish the level without pressing any buttons.

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