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SA-SRB2 title screen

SA-SRB2 is a modification made by BlazeHedgehog that emulates the style of the Sonic Adventure games in SRB2. To this end, it utilizes Adventure Mode, a feature present in the "Final Demo" versions of SRB2 that changes Sonic's ability to the homing attack, gives players the ability to light dash and enables analog control. On top of this, it features many custom sounds and graphics, including textures that were later added to SRB2 itself. SA-SRB2 also includes several custom SOCs to modify the behavior of SRB2's existing enemies and bosses – for example, the red Crawla has the ability to shoot, and the Egg Mobile rapidly fires lasers instead of using its normal laser attack. OpenGL-only lighting effects are also included. Some of SRB2's levels were modified as well; in particular, Greenflower Zone Act 1 received a new ending area and Greenflower Zone Act 2 received a new starting area and was modified to play in reverse. An SA-SRB2 version of Deep Sea Zone as well as an Adventure Field map called Mystic Ruins Zone were also developed, but never finished.

The original version of SA-SRB2 was released on the SRB2 Message Board in 2003. An update was made some time later for Version 1.08.[1] By this point SA-SRB2 was released with its own launcher, which has the ability to start up either SA-SRB2 or SRB2 itself, and included modifications for all three acts of Greenflower Zone. A later demo of SA-SRB2 was shown at SAGE in September 2004, which also included a modification for the first act of Castle Eggman Zone (renamed Pumpkin Castle Zone). A later version was released which is compatible with Version 1.09.4, and now included modifications for all three acts of Techno Hill Zone and the other two acts of Castle Eggman Zone.



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